Heroes WoW 548 and 335a 255 Level


Unlimited - Custom realm with high stats and level 255.
Leveling road with starting gear to make leveling easy along with xp boosters.
A mall with donation and vote vendors, gem vendors, potion vendors to name a few.
Transmogrify system with transmog weapons and gear dropped from 4 world bosses.
There is a guild house system along with a Profession mall with all the things you need to level professions.
We have 18 races to choose from along with 5.4 content items added.
There are working battle grounds and arenas for your pvp needs and custom raids with custom quests for your pve needs.
There is also a working teleporter npc with various locations for you to use.
If you're running low on gold there is a gold farming instance for all those money troubles.

*Drak'Tharon Keep Tier 8.5 Obsidian Sanctum*
*Tier 9 Icecrown Citadel*
*Tier 10*
*Tier 11 The Eye of Eternity*
*Tier 11 Molten Core*
*Tier 12 Black Temple*
*Tier 13 Naxxramas*
*Tier 14 Vault of Archavon*
*Tier 15 Requires Instances Tokens*
*Tier 16 Wrath of the Norse*
*Tier 17 Azjol-Nerub Gold Farming Gruul's Lair*
*Transmogs Items*
*Archimonde Dragonborn Weapons*

Heroes WoW - Custom realm with level 255 and slightly lower stats than unlimited realm.
There are 18 races to choose from.
There is a leveling road with a starting npc for gear with various other npcs.
There are xp boosters, a transmogrify system with transmog weapons that drop from 2 world bosses.
A full working mall with various gear, gem, potion vendors to name a few.
There is a donor and vote shop on the website and a profession mall in game with all the vendors you need to level up professions.
We have working battlegrounds and arenas along with custom raids that are listed on the teleporter npc with other locations to make getting around easier.
There is also a gold farming instance so you'll never be low on gold.
Fallen Heroes - High Rate, level 80 realm with x100 rates.
There are 18 races to choose from like worgen, naga, fel orc to name a few.
There is a starting vendor to get you going along with a teleporter npc to get you around to cities or raids.
There are working professions along with battlegrounds and arenas.
All instances are blizzlike for your pve needs. Mystic Heroes (5.0.5)- High Rate, Level 90 realm with x20 rates.

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