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Prometheus Wow
[NEW SERVER] Private wotlk server with custom content and friendly staff.
3.3.5a No Bugs Scripted Instances Events Crossfaction Blizzlike Friendly Staff Arenas Custom Scripts
ForgottenLands - Pandaria Server
5.4.8 Patch • Blizzlike • Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids • SoloQueue arena system • Dungeon Finder • Fully scripted leveling zones • Dungeons/Raids all working Blizzlike • Biggest italian server
Mists of Pandaria
Server based on patch 2.4.3, set as following: experience x10 CMangos compiled UNIX core 100% working as blizzlike. Dedicated VmWare 5.5 Server, 55mbps fiber optic line. Scriptdev2 artificial intelligence system!!! Latest CoronaCore DB. WE OFFER MANUAL 1 CHARACTER TRANSFER FROM OTHER SERVERS.
The Burning Crusade
[THE SERVER JUST OPENED] - wrath of the lich king private blizzlike server with custom content, item and quest, friendly and professional staff Custom Content Custom Items Custom Quests Donate Reward Friendly Staff No Bugs Max Level 80 High Rates Dungeons Blizzlike Progressive
3.3.5.a Events Blizzlike High Rates Cross Realm Friendly Staff Custom Scripts No Bugs Progressive
(Legend Of Fury) We fixed the problem as far as possible! all instances - dungeon finders - spell & talents & glyps - quests - gobjects - Arena & battleground maps and more on realm server wotlk Problems have been fixed! Also added features needed inside the game server : Anticheat - Transmog item - Cross Faction - Top Players - duel area - shop area Boss Custom -workup area - pvp area - quest dialy for arena and honor - donate item system announce pvp and pve - taxi - teleportal master - buffer - beastmaster - morphs You can use commands in game (.shop & .duel) And much more!
Wrath of The Lich King Blizzlike Crossfaction All Proffessions

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