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Dark Soldiers
Our server is a German Building Server,with PvP Arena, Team Deathmatch Arena, Capture the Flag Arena and a Boss Arena. Plugins: Chest Lock, House Destrict, Grief Banner, C3Mod,Auto Broadcast, Sign Commands, More Admin Commands, AFK Zone, Rolling Dice, and many more. The server is hosted by the German TSHOCK Supportler
Server Status: Online 24/7 Server IP: s1.terrariago.ru Server Port: 7777 [CTF] [Freebuild] [Protected] [PvE] [PvP] [Roleplay] [Survival] [TShock 1.2.2] Welcome to our Terraria server! Here you will find all that you need to play your favourite game with other terrarians. No griefers, cheaters and so on! Future plans - tShock 1.2.3(.1), more new and interesting plugins, new events and even more!