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The longest running ROSE Online server - Thousands of players - Level 228 - Five Planets - Monster Mounts, Costumes, Achievements, Dueling, Game Arenas, PvP Rankings, Mining, Harvesting, Titles and more. Daily Arenas, Dungeons and Raids - Level 120 for FREE!
KontikiRose Online
Visit us on or New high rate server 1000x Exp Drop Rate is 50 with 3 drops per kill and the Zuly Rate is 35. Zulie Pet to pick up zulie drops, MaxStats is 1700 per stat for all stats and unlimited reborns. Ingame ItemMall, Lucky Spins and Premium, Valor and Honor shops. Friendly players and staff members.
.:::Furia Rose:::. Friendliest Server Online
Welcome Furians..:New server OPENED Jan 1, 2012:.:Union Wars:.:Union Shops:.:Excellent Drop System:. Active GMs, frequent events. Max stats 800. Evo style server. No reborn limit. Rates 25x400x250x. Welcome pack for new players.
Rose Online Plus
Most Advanced Rose Online Server Max 310 ,daily PVP Game, Online Point System,Vote Mall , item mall, costume, pet, mount, game arena, dungeon, offline vending, PVP with Duel system, Boss Raid and many more Join Us Now
Want a mid-rate server that is stable and friendly to play on without feeling that you need to pay in order to progress in-game ? Come on and join us at Adventure-Rose -We have active development, a completely new reborn system -Custom content that will be released over-time If you feel like having an Adventure, come on over and take on the battle between Aura and Herban, whose side are you on ?
Eternal iRose
Eternal iROSE is a free to play fantasy 3D MMORG based on the first release of ROSE Online. We offer you a classic game play along modern additions to make the game more fun to play. Take a look at our unique feature Come and join us ! Register for free!
Vija ROSE Online
Vija ROSE Online is currently in development. We operate in closed alpha and expect to launch in early september. To stay up-to-date please visit our website.
New RoseOnline
The New RoseOnline style game
Alega Rose Online
The friendliest Rose Online Server you will ever find. Active Staff Members, Regular Events and cool challenges that will make your gaming experience unforgettable. Zuly Mall, Vote Mall and Item Mall are available on our awesome website. Active forum community and forum events. EXP RATE 200, ZULY RATE 100 & DROP RATE 100. Come and experience the fun. Visit our site to register and download our client. Enjoy :)
7 Kingdoms is a custom created server based on the Old i-rose official server files in 2005, How ever we are modded. we hope in time we will re-shape the game to give you all a new and fantastic experience int he world of Rose Online. Our server already have a few new systems and mods that help you and change how you play. For more Details please visit our web pages & discord for news and up coming events. -----------Few new systems----------- *Open World PVP system with Karma. *No Damage limiters (2047) *Races and Special Classes *Infusion System (Development) *Increased Shop Sizes
Rose Online International
Great server online since 2007, now multi language and open to international community. Active Staff, great and exclusives PvP events, biggest seasonal and commemorative events with nice rewards, high number os players online every day. Join us and get a incredible experiencie playing iRose Online.
Rose Plus Online Evolution
Most Advanced EVO private server. No Bugs like other similiar evo server! Exclusive Features such as new currency, item mall, costume, pet, mount, game arena, dungeon, offline vending, PVP with Duel system, Boss Raid and many more. Balance PVP and PVM Formula, Quest based Low Rate server! Join Us Now!
150+ Online users daily • irose gameplay server • custom item quest and skills • offline vend • refining up to +10 • monster hp gauge • Online points system • etc points system • party finder • dual skill bar • dual chat filter • shop kill protection • Daily events
iRosePH Online
Most advanced server with Celestial War (Planet Wars), Item Mall In-game, Multiple Clan skills such as Clan Assist, Revenge, Ally system and etc., Custom Maps & Items, 21 Different Gems, Bot Buffers, Active GMs and Devs and a fun international community! Play ROSE Online in a unique way!