Lexus ran online


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Location Philippines
Posted By John Carolino


Looking for Balance Server?Hunt Base Upgrade Own Item? Newly Up? Experience New and Awesome Server! Come and Join us! Register Now! Download Full Client: March 3, 2018 Website: Official Facebook Group: Official Fan Page: LEXUS RAN ONLINE ( EPISODE 7 CLASSIC ) GAME FEATURES NO FULL DONATE Active Staff Admin [GM] Developer Designer/Planning 210 Maximum Cap Level 7 - 167 Skill ( Like Official ) 4 Balanced Class Maxinum Upgrade Level + 10 Tyranny Wars Every 3 Hours Superior Wars No Dual Log in Game Guard Protected Boss Hunt Based Server Upgrade Your Own Items CLUB WAR ( Tue Thur Sat ) - Party Leveling Spot By Spot - Party Boss Hunting - PLAY NOW!! FAIR GAME PLAY!

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