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War of Glory - x1000 GRAND OPEN 12 MAY
MEDIUM - 1000x / GRAND OPENING MEDIUM SERVER 12 MAY time 5PM / SEASON 13 part 1 / GROW LANCER / 32K Stats /NO Lagg /Vote Rewards / Webshop / Grand Resets system / Custom Xshop System / VIP System / new items / new events / Market system / Lottery system / Auction and more
Season 13 MuOnline
SOULMU 12 years since 2005y Exp 650x
SOULMU.EU / Exp: 650x / Drop: 40% / SEASON 4! (IGCN) / This server is online still since 25 december 2005 year! This is 21th edition! / 200+ ONLINE / Lot\'s of Admins Event! Let\'s MUuuuuu!
DRAGONMU - SEASON 6EP3 - 600x New Edition 26th May 2018
DragonMu - Meet the Dragon! | Season 6EP3 | Exp: 600x Drop: 30% | Balanced PVP | 32K Stats | NO Lagg | Vote Reward System | Exchange hours online for credits | Vip System | Webshop | XShop | GR Bonus System | Lotteries | Daily Exp Events | Everyday Events with GMs | Achievements |
ArcticMU - S13 GRAND OPENING 19 August
Experience x500 - dynamic, Version: Season XIII, New 4 Quest class character, New 4th lvl Wings, New Map, New Quest, New Boss, Custom PvP, Custom Events, Server Starts 19 August Time: 3PM!, Roulette System, Auction System, NO WEBSHOP!
GreatMuOnline 9th Edition
GreatMuOnline - 9th Edition Exp: 500x MaxStat: 32767 Reset &Grand; Reset System Multivault interface Extented Jewels Party Search Spots on Minimap And alot of more! Visit our official website and board! Start 16.03.2018 18:00

RSPS Servers 6-19

MU Online Kowalec S8e3
New Mu Online Server! Version: Season 8 Episode 3 Points per reset: 500pkt Grand reset: 100 reset MAX STATS: 65535 EXP User: 1000x Drop Rate Item User: 40x
NO ITEM WEB SHOP ONLY VIP/SVIP SALE TO DONATE HOST S6. 4 Basic exp 15 SVIP 25 Drop 25 SVIP 30 No RR limits Party exp bonus MAX item LVL 15 FREE RESET NO LIMIT 1RR 1 RR POINT (6 points 1 option into item) Item MARKET for players you can sell item to another player Also you can sell your character to another player MASTERLVL MAX 400 Potion Stacks 255 Points DK 5 DW 5 ELF 5 SU 5 MG 7 DL 7 AFTER RESET: DK DW ELF SU 550 MG DL650 Helper lvl 80 Basic shops, TS ES in shop Fully working Reconnect option BASIC OPITONS LUCK 25 JOL 70
WykopMu S4 x300, Start 22nd June
[WykopMu] [Season 2 + 4] [x300 exp dynamic] [no Pay-To-Win] [new stable server] [custom quest system] [auto reconnect] [built-in autoattack] [jewel store] [custom invasions and events] [new unique sets] [custom items and jewels] [spots in all maps] [MAX FUN]
Wykop MU Season 2 Old school Experience
Old-school and well balanced server established by Wykop community. Expect friendly administration, lots of events, custom set exchange system, reworked monster stats, drop and spots. Fun starts in 2nd March, don\'t miss it!