SedexCraft [Cracked] [1.7.2]


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Posted By Omgitsbob12


[b]SedexCraft[/b] - We have been in action for almost a year now and are continuing to grow daily. While we do offer Survival world, we also offer a Skyblock world and also a Shops world where you can create your very own shop to sell to other visiting players! We have a strong economy on the server, with many different ways to earn money. We have a friendly community with few but very mature staff, here at SedexCraft we believe that staff should interfere as minimum as possible with players, this is why we have many plugins to moderate the server including anti-ads, anti-spam, anti-cheat, anti-xray and much more! If you enjoy leveling your skills, pvping and meeting new people than SedexCraft is the right server for you! For more information visit our website or use the ip [b][/b] to join us!

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