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IP: Towny.punchcraft.us =========================== Welcome to the Punchcraft Community =========================== IP: punchcraft.us We're looking for dedicated Minecrafters to come and join our community to build some amazing things whilst being able to survive in the wilderness! We have: - 24/7 Gameplay - 24/7 Forums (punchcraft.info) - 24/7 Chat Room - 24/7 25 Team Speak Voice Chat - Help Pages - Constant Updates and New Features - Competitions - Friendly and helpful Staff - Friendly and helpful Players Our server is a 24/7 No-Whitelist Dedicated Server, has minimal lag, saves state every 20 minutes, has backups every 30 minutes and automatic restarts to flush memory every 24 hours. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are some features you'll love on our Server: Towny: Join a town or be a lone ranger in the Wilderness. Wilderness = PvP, Griefing & Mobs iConomy: type /money for your balance MoneyDrop: Kill mobs to earn money McMMO: Get bonus skills as you play LWC: Lock those chests ChestShop: Create shop plots inside a town to flog your items ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are strict on the rules and run various protections including Spam, Fly, Xray, Caps, Swearing, Dupes, Town-Griefing, Speedhacking, Client Hacks & Previous Bans. Our staff monitor players when we believe a rule is being broken and mostly operate on a 3 strike (warn, kick, ban) rule depending on the severity of the rulebreaks. Our staff is of a mature age, and will not hesitate to remove someone from the game if they are breaking rules or interrupting gameplay for others. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our strongest asset is our friendly community. If you're looking for a legit server to play Minecraft, LOOK NO FURTHER!

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