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BoomBoomMS v142 [V159 edits]
10EXP-10MESO-3DROP / REBORN! / FIXED RESPAWNS / Automatic donate system / Daily Custom Quests! / BUFFED CHANNEL / Level seller npc / FM fishing! / Cube NPC / Bonus pot NPC / Root Abyss! / Gollux! / GRAND QUEST SYSTEM / Player Event commands! / All jobs / NX from monsters system / Event reward NPC / Professionally Coded! / Custom NPCs , PQ, Systems, 5L, Shield scroll! / Votepoint system / Maple Coin System!! / Rings working / nice commands! / custom boss drops! / and much more!
SagaStory Fully Customized v83 - The Best adventure you've ever experienced [ 14x 3x 2x]
Saga Story is about changing the game rules. forget about anything you knew about MapleStory because this server has its own version. [Professional Staff] [Level Cap 250 Cygnus and explorers] [Competitive rates] [Late-game exp curve] [Ninja Castle, ulu town, Coke cola, new town!] [GMS-like bossing and PQs] [All PQS are working global like] [our own challenging BPQ] [180V items] [Saga Free Market] [New Saga Systems] [Player hosted events] [FULL job adv1,2,3,4] [GuildHQ and alliances] [Updated hair, eyes, and cash shop to our own stuff and prices] [Active development] Join us Today for our beta
GMS V171 V164 V161 V148 V142 V83 Custom PQ Rewards Challenging MonsterCarnivalPQ DojoPQ maple maplestory