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MapleLumrie V117 - 4X EXP , 3X Meso , 3X Drop OpenAlpha
The Best MapleStory Private Server, we strive to offer you a Challenging , MaxLevel 250 , Party Quest , Active staff [GMS LIKE] (PBB rate , We weakened the strong skills). [Mac Compatible] - 4X EXP , 3X Meso , 3X Drop. [Server has been running since 12.22.16 and now update to v117.2] Win 7/8/8.1/10/linux.
V117 No Pay2Win Daily Events PvP Hard maplestory
LucianMS v83 Custom - Coming soon
[Custom chairs] [Ark Class] [Custom Pets] [Overwatch items] [Anime items] [Dragon ball] [Custom jobs] [Custom black mage boss] [Custom kaneki boss] [Cygnus Empress] [Von Leon] [Von Bon] [Crimson Queen] [GMS maps] [Rebirth] [Pink bean job] [Luminous] [Phantom] [Big bang jobs] [Best WZ edits] [Custom systems] [Custom features] [More than 100 custom hairs] [Best sprites] [Custom UI] [Custom mobs] [Uchiha] [Rashoumon] [Anime eyes and hairs] [Friendly staff] [FFA PVP] [Fun maps] [Events] [Evangelion] [Monster Park] [And much more] [V83]
V83 WZ edits V83 Original Content NoPay2Win Custom Areas Friendly Community PvP Custom Content Low Rate maplestory
Kya Story
Looking for a private server that is constantly adding new content? KyaStory is the place for you. Our team is devoted to providing a custom/stable environment for our users. Some features include: [JQ NPC], [MSI], [INTERESTING RB SYSTEM], [BEST PVP SYSTEM (with achievements)], [CUSTOM EVENTS], [CUSTOM GACHA], [GREAT DONOR REWARDS], [FRIENDLY/ENGAGING COMMUNITY], [OCCUPATION SYSTEM], [DAILY LOGIN REWARDS]. Join now!
V83 Friendly Community Daily Events Daily Login Rewards Custom PQs High Rate PvP
95% System Implements || 99% skills working || *NEW* PQs || Super Hell Bosses || 99% Quests working || Cashshop WORKING || Vietnamese Server || Vote for NX || Explorer - Knight Of Cygnus - Resistance - Heroes - Nova - Sengoku - Zero - Pink Bean - Kinesis - Beast Tamer.
v176 Face/Hair/Cash Items Low Rate PvP Friendly Community