Lineage2 Freya Epic ever is Back


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Location United States
Posted By Jennifer Hearn


Rate:No donate Items,XP - 2x / SP - 2x,Drop - Custom / Adena - 2x,VIP: All-6×,full buff GM shop:Ordinary shop sells class A weapons and armor, soul-searching stone 6-16, senior heraldry and so on.Advanced exchange for the sale of entertainment and rare equipment are available. Sub Class:3 sub classes per character, 1--80 level The highest level for character is 85.Security enhancement+ 3, joined security + 4, the highest element is 300 and 1800.Blessing scroll + 1. Newbie is given a non-grade adventurer package and D-B friendship equipment exchange voucher. NPC state is 2 hours, and character state is the same as official time. Transfer master is free to transfer in the first,second and third round, and enjoy relevant services of the blood alliance, which is also free under level 10. Sub class requires no task, can get certified directly with 20M adena, and guild master will provide skills certification. When sub class reaches level 75, can be transferred to Nobles directly with 20M adena .

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