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Location Lithuania
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Versions Interlude


Rates Xp/Sp: x150 Aden drop rate: x1 Drop rate: x1 Spoil rate :x1 Ara Quest Drop: x10 Adena,Spoil and Drop rate reworked for better Economy Enchant rates Safe enchant +3 Max enchant Weapons +16 Max enchant Armors +12 Max enchant Jewels +12 Simple enchant scrolls chance - 65% Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 75% Crystal enchant scrolls chance - 85% Augmentations No Grade Skill Chance: 5% Mid Grade Skill Chance: 10% High Grade Skill Chance: 15% Top Grade Skill Chance: 20% Active or Passive skill Removed chance skills Unique features Main towns - Giran Starting character level - 20 Unique Epic jewelry craft system Giran castle siege Skills auto learn Stackable scrolls, lifestones, book of giants Gm Shop up to s grade Spawn Protection PvP zones around Raid Bosses and Epic boss Offline Shop/craft System PvP KillingSpree System Anti-Bot Protection Captcha Unique Economy System Balanced Buffs/Skills/Classes Full interlude geodata / pathnode Reworked retail farming areas Max count of buffs - 24+4 Divine Inspiration Npc buffer with Sheme 2 Hour's Buffs/Dances/Songs Free Sub Class Max subclasses - 3 9 Raid Bosses Unique Champions system Instant 8 Clan lvl After Creation Clan Reputation and Eggs can be obtained from Raid bosses Auto mana,Hp,Cp potions Grand boss/Raid Bosses All Grand boss Level 80 PVP Zones: Grand boss/Raid Bosses Valakas: 8 hours Antharas: 8 hours Baium: 6 hours Frintezza: 6 hours Zaken: 5 hours Queen Ant: 4 hours Core: 4 hours Orfen: 4 hours Simple Raid Bosses: 2 hours Flame of Splendor Barakiel: 3 hours [not a pvp Zone] ARA BOSS: 3 hours Farm Zones In ARA x150 server we have 2 farm zones [S] and [A] In Zone [A] monsters drop A grade enchant scrolls and Spoil Blessed enchant scrolls A grade In Zone [S] monsters drop S grade enchant scrolls and Spoil Blessed enchant scrolls S grade For party farm we have. Mini boss you can found in [s] zone Champions drop silver coins form 1 to 10 Ara Quest If you have level 70 or higher you can take quest in giran You need hunt monsters in [S][A] Zone when you have 2500 quest item come back to quest npc and you will get random recipe of epic jewelry Auto Event Team vs Team Event Every 1 Hour Inprove Epic System Voice Commands .password - Change Password. .repair - Repair Bugged char. .epic - Epic bosses status. .raid - Raid bosses status. Vote system Invidual Vote System In-game working vote reward system vote for server and automacilly will be rewarded You can vote every 12 hours Olympiad Retail olympiad game Competition period [1] week Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are higher that +6 they willbe modified to +6 for the match and when its over the modifications will be reverted

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