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Location Monaco
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Versions Interlude
Types PvP


The server is based on the Interlude (c6) Moderate Donate, all things are accessible by game way. Full protection against bots and other cheat programs. Protection against DDOS attacks. Administration does not interfere with the game process. Reits: Xp 5000 \ Sp 5000 \ Adena 5000 \ Quest 1 \ Boss 1. Beginning of the game: All new game characters appear in Giran with 20 lvl'om? in the top D veshah. Having opened the inventory, you will notice that you have pocket expenses of 50k. After speaking with NPC Katrina you will receive adena and premium for 12 hours You also receive 3 certificates for epic armor. Sharpening: Maximum sharpening of weapons +30, armor and costume jewelry +30. With unsuccessful sharpening, things do not break down and fall to +4. The chance of sharpening is up to 16 - 65%, after 16 the chance factor changes by 5 units. Ie chance to imprison at 17 = 60% at 18 = 55% and so on. Sub Class and Nobless: - Sub class in one click without a quest. The maximum number of subclasses 3. - Noblesse - should be in price, we suggest you go through a reduced quest, all reagents are in the GM Shop'e. - For convenience, Flame of Splendor Barakiel has been upgraded from 70 to 76. - Response Noblesse rb is 2 ~ 3 hours. - Drop quest of the item goes to the whole group. - We added Noblesse Teleport to teleport to certain locations, only for Nobles. Buffer: - The maximum number of slots for buffs is 90 + 4 from Divine Inspiration and 6 under Debuff. - Duration of buffs 2 hours. "Down with the pumping of tweaks!" The more you do not have to spend your valuable time on pumping horses, coders and PP. - Summon and PP buffs are available in the Full Buffer Alt + B. - More you can not wait to wait for you to hang Flu or Malaria. - Flu and Malaria are in the Full Buffer Alt + B. This is what we call a full buff. Only we have the full range of buffs! More on the forum

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