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L2Idle Botting Allowed
Botting Allowed! [High Five 100%]. A server with retail gameplay with some twists, buff times increased, a convenient shop to make your journey a easier, automated events and other features to make gameplay more enjoyable. L2Idle allows automated gameplay like no other server.
High Five PvP
L2 DarkAngel x15
Server Lineage 2 High Five Mid-Low x15, buff 2 horas, 28+4 buff / 20 dance-song, proyecto solido de larga duración, en servidor dedicado, online 24/7 los 365 días. GMs activos, gran variedad de eventos, protección contra Bot y mucho más...
High Five PvP fun Craft-PvP Low Rate
L2 Project
Server High PvP Safe +16 Max +20/No Custom Itens/No Bugs/No Lag/Sem Fins Lucrativos/Baixe Agora Mesmo/Join Us.
High Five PvP x1000
Destarion - High Five x888 - Fun Server
Server Rates - Exp: x888, SP: x888, Adena: x1, Drop: x1, Spoil: x50, Quest Reward: x1, Quest Items: x1, Quest Drop: x5, Epaulettes: x25, Fame: x10, Raid Boss: x1. The living economy, the rates of adena x1. All prices are indexed according to our rates. Adena \\ Silver \\ Gold with loot, distributed within the party. All characters appear in the starting location near Rune. When you start, you already have a Nobless buff. Unique Community Board ( Alt + B ) - Here you can find absolutely everything. Daily steep promotions and contests. In all places where characters appear, there are all necessa
High Five x888 fun PvP
» EXP x50 » SP x50 « » Drop x15 « » Spoil x15 « » Adena x20 « » Safe enchant +4 « » Blessed and simple scrolls max enchant (+12) « » Simple enchant scrolls chance - 60% « » Blessed enchant scrolls chance - 65% « Stone/Crystal »Element Stone : 65%« »Element Crystal :60%« Max Clients per Pc: 5 AntiBot System SmartGuard Olympiad +6, 100 Matches per week, Olympiad: » Retail olympiad game « » Competition period [2] week « » Olympiad start time [18:00] end [00:00] « » Olympiad end 1st - 15st« » Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is +6, which means if your items are
High Five PvP fun

Linage 2 Private Servers 6-19

Interlude - Private Game Server
The server is based on the Interlude (c6) Moderate Donate, all things are accessible by game way. Full protection against bots and other cheat programs. Protection against DDOS attacks. Administration does not interfere with the game process. Reits: Xp 5000 \\ Sp 5000 \\ Adena 5000 \\ Quest 1 \\ Boss 1. Beginning of the game: All new game characters appear in Giran with 20 lvl\'om? in the top D veshah. Having opened the inventory, you will notice that you have pocket expenses of 50k. After speaking with NPC Katrina you will receive adena and premium for 12 hours You also receive
Interlude PvP
L2 multiskill
High Five Multiskill & Multicraft server will be opened at 23/07/18
High Five Multiskill PvP
Halisha - Interlude - Classic PvP x1200
HALISHA.RU - A truly high-quality and interesting PVP server. Good balance, lot of fan, bonuses to all newbies!
Interlude PvP x1200
SERVER RATES Exp x1000 Sp x1000 Adena x1 Drop x2 Party Exp x1.5 Party Sp x1.5 Starting character level - 79. ENCHANT RATES Safe Weapon/Armor = 4 Max With Bless = 20 Max Armor with crystal = 25 Max Weapon with crystal = 30 Normal Enchant Scroll = 75% Bless Enchant Scroll = 85% Crystal Enchant Scroll = 45% Your weapon dont lose enchant if it enchanted with crystal and brake AUGMENT RATES Life St Mid Life St High Life St Top Life St Glow Rates = 1%/20%/50%/70% You can use All Active & 1 Passive Skill VIP Characters have +5% chanse for all life stones* SERVER FEATURES Geo
Interlude PvP fun x1000 Multiskill