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Knight Online
knighthan homeko server september 7 turkey time 21 00
---------------------------------------- Server.ini [Server] Count=1 IP0= HPBAR=1 [Version] Files=1299 [IncludeExe] Last=1303 ----------------------------------------
KnightPvP Online v2438 Internatinal Server
Its openning at 28 August you can download it at 27 August. Light Farm/PVP server with lvl cap 83. International Community. Players from all the world. Events like BDW, Boss Land, War, Juraid, FT also you can send illegal user to jail ! Report system active.
Light Farm and PK Knight Online
KnightOnline1 More Than a Private Server
v 14xx Official Knight Online Server , serving since 2011
Knight Online Farm Server
80 lvl farm and pk server,exprience gm crew and more event come and enjoy
SexyKO Best Server
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[Server] Count = 1 IP0 = [Version] Files = 1453 [Jo Un] Registration site = http: //www.kingdoomOfAREA [Includeex A] Last = 1453
1299 Hard Farm HomeKO
theknighthan 25 agustosta online
[CENTER][url=][img][/img][/url] [url=][img][/img][/url][url=][img][/img][/url][url=][img][/img][/url] [F Antiqua][COLOR=#000000][B][SIZE=6]-THE KN?GHTHAN -[/SIZE][/B] [B]-V[SIZE=5]1299[/SIZE] HOMEKO SERVER-[/B] [B]---------------------------------------------------------[/B][/COLOR] [B][SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff0
1298 Knight Online
69 Lv Ronark Land Base Server v21XX
Server is V21XX You can just download and play as you want. Starting is level 69, all stat point auto master and all items in your inventory. +9 Armor, +9 Weapons and +2 Accessory. Client:
1900 Light Farm and PK