Insane Gangsters


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Location United Kingdom
Posted By Paul Currie
Versions Strategy RPG


[b]One of the best gangster games where respect is earned and not given, here's the deal...[/b][br] Wanna be the best?..think you ARE the best?.. then come on in and play Insane Gangsters. The missions and crimes are the best place to start, build up your money to buy weapons and protection, the quicker you complete your missions the quicker you start ranking through the ranks, keep up with your mini crimes to help you through the ranks also. Everyone has a chance to own one of our superb gambling games..Blackjack being the general favourite.[br][br] Want a real thrill?...then if you are brave when you reach the higher ranks then you can try your luck at our defuse the bomb or Mega hi-low, these games will reward you with billions of dollars if you are successful... if you fail you will either lose a prestige or you will be de-ranked back down to Thug.[br][br] Try your luck in the drugs market by buying drugs and selling them in other countries, you risk losing your car and your drugs and going to jail if you fail. Start organised crimes and invite other users to come with you on your organised crime, you get to decide if your members get paid or not in rankpoints and money.[br][br] Join the fight club where you get to fight the cage fighter Carmelo "The Fury" Marrero and win millions to help you gain wealth. Gain respect from other gangsters by ranking to IG Elite and then onto prestige where you can rank up to prestige 6 and have ultimate respect. Word of warning... keep your friends close...but keep your enemies closer...good luck!

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