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Location Canada
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Forsaken World Releashed is the first server in the world to offer a true democracy. With lots of custom contents and features. Such as online web store and web inventory allowing players to buy and sell to each other. On top of that fully automated events that will allow players to win amazing in game prizes. That is not it , we also offer real life prizes as well such as prepaid VISA cards and PaySafeCards for players to raffle. Above all those things we mentioned there is a in game system called "gmonline" to show you online GMs in game. Next to that is the amazing "translate" function for PM to automatically translate private messages for you. Also 4000 ZEN every 5 minutes automatically added to all online players and amazing quest and instances for players to obtain useful in-game items., There is much more , but text is limited here so just join us now today and you will not regret!

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