Revelation FlyFF v19


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Location Philippines
Posted By King Nadela


Growing Community Server Nice Game Play Hunting and Farming Server PVP Server Balance All Jobs Classes? Active and Friendly Staffs Secured Server 100% No Wipe Out ! Server Rates : x250 EXP x150 DROP x150 PENYA Server Features: Wings are moving when running or walking Craft Items Perfect Gem Stone! v19 Interface w/ v18 Taskbar FFA Mode Death Match Last Man Standing Tower Defense Defense your Line Auction House Party Finder Old And New Glow Petfilter Teleporter Coliseum System Coliseum Rankings Fast Job Change Fashion Combine Guild Color Name Change Every 10 Level Active Collecting Area Model Changer Model Viewer /Wiki Every 1Hour Guild Siege Custume Dungeon for Item and Weapon Drop Item Mall Ingame

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