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Ignite Flyff
DPS Meter Invasion System No P2W FFA Farming Low Rate Friendly World Boss System
Fly For Sky
A V18 server, Fly For Sky offers you only the best. No donation shop, everyone is equal. Inventory Tabs. Max Level: 200. Very specific Item Filter for pickup pets. 3rd Jobs. Custom Skill Changes. Custom Worlds. Equipment Quality System - every item has 100+ variations. Glow Change Menu. Custom Quests. Countless other features. You could go to another server where they will nickel and dime you for Fashion, or you could come here and have an uncorrupted experience unlike any other. You will not regret joining.
Friendly Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Free To Win Inventory Tabs
Flyff Iblis
Classic Gaming (Old vanilla Gameplay), based on 2008 eFlyff. Low Rates 2x exp/drop, Level up Rewards for newbies, eFlyff events only, 2 PK Channels, fully functional In-Game Premium Shop, Pet Filter, Party Finder, Multiclient enabled, No custom edited items, Non pay-to-win items on Premium Shop, Negative awakes enabled, SSL secured website, Runs on bare-metal US Dedicated server. One of the most populated long-term servers.
V15 Low Rate v16 Old School Farm & Fun PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege
EXP: 100, PENYA: 150, DROP: Custom- Mi und Samstag Community Day Events! - IG Donate Coupon Farmen! - Anarchysystem - Lord System 7 Tage - MonsterBuffs - ServerBuffs - PartyBuffs - PlayerBuffs - VoteBuff - AzriaGiants für erstes EQ - Neues Waffensystem - 3x GuildWar - Secret-Room Belohnungen - S/10% Cards NONDonate! - AutopickupNonDonate - Custom Dungeon - Abbauen mit Spitzhacke - Random MaxPets - Seraph&Mentalist; Aoe - Custom WorldBosse. Startet mit uns in ein neues Abenteuer!
Vote Rewards Custom Systeme Free Starting Gear Fun Donate Farming Ingame Beginner Items Farming Mid Low Rate Friendly
Prologic Flyff
At ProLogic FlyFF - we offer PVP experience like no other. We have one of the most active/custom PK/FFA systems out there in addition to fair PVE System. This isn\'t a server where you must farm 24/7 to become maxed - our custom FLY/FOR/FUN Coupon system enables you to get end game gear without the hassle of having to stop at a certain level, donate large amounts, or require you to have end game gear to enter dungeons. We are a mid rate server with custom exp rates (depending upon your level) , custom drop & penya rates. Here are some additional benefits we have to offer: [v19 Features] [Weekl
V19 Old School Active PVP Begginner Items Custom PK Active PK No Farm 24/7 MultiLanguage Global PVP Mid Low Rate Friendly
HIGH RATES SERVER? Exp: x9999 Penya: x9999 Drop: x9999 HP up to 100b Mount System Red chips drop event x5 For newbie reward Active Guild war Everyday Active Siege Everyday Active Secret Room Everyday All items are huntable Perin/RC/RP (NO DONATE ITEMS) Balanced Gameplay Global Flyff since 2016 Server Features? Rarity (x5 Lines) Auto ban system (Secured gameplay) Cross Bow Auto Invasion Event Wiki Model View Info Drop Drop Logs Item Link? VIP Fixed Link Attack on pvp Free for all siege (auto) Siege (auto) Own Title Party Finder Pet Filter Quick Change Job 3rd Job Enable Guild Buff
V15 Global PVP No P2W Beginner Items FFA Farming Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly Guild Siege High Rate
Spirit FlyFF - [Launched Sep 7th, 2018] - Low Rate ( Exp: x10 / Custom Penya & Drop Rate ) | Version 15 based with v19 features | Maximum Level 155 | Improved Graphics (HD) | High Quality Gaming | No Pay 2 Win, All items can be hunted | Reworked Dungeons to be worth the run | Increased Inventory Space | Custom farmable currencies to purchase powerful gear | 2 Guild Sieges per week | In-Game Wikipedia | Systems: Weapon Leveling, Guild Buffs, Online Bonus, and many more! | Join us now and enjoy your best flyff gaming experience!
Guild Siege Low Rate Custom Systems No Pay to Win Old School Active PVP Custom Systems Active Discord Most Advanced Server Multilanguage Old School Active Community Fresh Server PvP Beginner Items Low Rate Friendly Guild Siege World Boss System
Flyffv7 is a low rate server which implements features dating back to version 5. We are working very hard to bring you a good, low rate server with a mix of old school and modern systems ranging from the good old days of version 7 with a hint of newer custom content.
V5 V15 Active PK Active Community Discord Integration Fresh Server Fun PvP Low Rate Friendly
Vendetta Flyff [Multi Rate]
Multi Rate|Community Driven|Friendly Staff|Custom Options| Custom Maps|Custom Items|High Quality Game Play|Automatic Invasion System - With Rewards|Mount System|NON-PAY-TO-WIN|Fishing System|Updated Collecting System|Teleporter|Party Finder|Prestige|Instant Buy/Selling|2nd Job Start|Gambling System|Online Rewards|PvP Games|Custom Dungeon System Join Today for the best experience of your life.
Guild Siege multi Rate Advanced Features Automatic Invasion Friendly Farming FFA Real Mounts PvP No P2W
Dragon Flyff - International
Dragon Flyff aims to provide long term server to the community. Fun, Active Community, Midrate Server, Free Server that focuses to provide the best of Flyff gaming. Farming is a big word in the server. We work with the fastest hardware to provide you with the best gaming experience as you journey through Roika!. So Be Part of something BIG!.
V15 Custom Content & Features Begginner Items Friendly Community No P2W Fresh Server Fun Mid Low Rate Friendly
[New Server] Inside Five
[German and English Server] [3RD Job Klassen] [Donate & Vote Geschenke] [viele Events] [GWS] [24h Online!] [Petfilter] und mehr Spiel kostenlos! Inside Five - Flyff ist ein alt bekannter erfolgreicher Deutscher Server , mit einer Hervorragender Community , welche im Jahr 2012 mehr als 200 aktive spieler besaß . Wir bieten viele Inhalte wie z.B. Custom Maps und Dungeons, Monster| Pets | Waffen und vieles weitere ! Tägliches Farmen mit mehr wie 30 Farm-Inseln . Tägliche Gw´s sind nicht zu Vergessen , wie eine Wunderschöne PvP - Arena . Werde Teil der Inside Five Community noch heute !!
V21 Neue Systeme Massig Custom Features Farm & Fun Friendly Guild Siege
Battle FlyFF
BattleFlyFF - The best lowrate server is back soon!
V15 Active Discord Custom Systems Custom PK Old School Friendly Low Rate Beginner Items PvP Fun Fresh Server
Memoria - Flyff [Open Beta] Welcome to Memoria! We offer unique fun in Level, Farms & Equipments. Our Features are: Petfilter (Black & White list), Guild War Level System with Ranking, 168 Slot Inventory, Inventory Searchfunction, Some cool graphic updates, Pets get Exp by Monster kill, Random Monster Buff System, Range Collect Items, Extended Shop System, Guild Buffs and more... | Come and Join Us today | Discord:
Open Beta V19 Low Rate Friendly F-Tool Profession System Extended Iventory No P2W Farm Server Fresh Server
iFlyff Online
Do you miss Playing Flyff Online? Join us now! Rate Exp: x10 Drop: x20 Penya: xCustom iFlyff is not offering fancy things in game infact we give the best gaming experience for you to make your gaming experience awsome. Some Features in game: Mount System - Guild Buffs - Setup your Hotkeys - Online Gifts - Roulette - Guild Siege Everyday - FFA Everyhour - Teleport System - Burnout - New Costumized MAPS - Hundreds of Models - Active and Approachable Staffs - Lord Buffs Support - And many More! Come and join us! now!
Mid Rates GW Server Farming Server No Pay to Win No Custom Items Farm to Win Server GW Everyhour Lowrate Active PVP Begginner Items Friendly Custom PK Custom Systems Most Advanced Server V19 Friendly Guild Siege World Boss System Mid Low Rate Free For All Siege Farming FFA Beginner Items Real Mounts PvP
Abyss Flyff
Launches at some point. come join us.
V19 Fresh Server Free Starting Gear Fun PvP Beginner Items FFA Farming Free To Win Mid Low Rate Friendly
Valyria FlyFF - New Beginning
Valyria FlyFF v19 Classic Default Features No Edited Items No Costum items Low Rates [ 100x Exp ] [ 25x Drop ] [ 50x Penya ] [ Balance all Character and Item ] Come and Join us ! Start your new adventure on Valyria FlyFF
V19 Farm & Fun Mid Rate Friendly Guild Siege
Fenrir Flyff
[No P2W] [Farmable Donate Items] [Super High Rate] [Rebirth System] [Auctionhouse] [Modern Teleporter] [Many official FlyFF bug fixes] [Colosseum] [Custom Systems] [Fresh Server] Version: v19 Level-Cap: 150 -H 3rd Job Cluster 1 [Almighty High Rate]: 9999x, Custom Custom Release:August 27, 2018
V19 High Rate Guild Siege Friendly Free To Win Farming Rebirth Beginner Items Farm & Fun Auctionshouse No P2W
UndeadFLyFF v15 International
Welcome to Undead Flyff here are the several features. check more in-game. OFFICIAL LAUNCH WILL BE ON JUNE 2, 2018 Exp Rate = 15 Drop Rate = 15 Penya Rate = 20 † Max level 150. † /Awakening command (400k). † World Boss Event † Pet Filter. † Looter buff Pet Glow Exchanger (free). † Player Name Color Changer. † Party Finder. † Timer(For next FFA, Guild Siege and Dungeon Cooldowns). † Guild siege 1x a day, (or upon request of players). † Guild Buffs † Free For All *FFA Match every 3Hours † Custom Weapon Fashion and Custom Fashion. † Item link (Ctrl + Double Click on
Lowrate Active PVP Friendly Custom Systems V15 Farm & Fun Fresh Server Low Rate Free To Win Free For All Siege Friendly World Boss System