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A new server that f4s migrated to. Instant 150 Level. Guild Siege every 3 hours (3rounds), Guild Siege for low class type. Death Match War 2 sessions a day, Dota2 model, Perin Converter, Fast Awakening, Teleporting System, Glow Changer, Advanced Transfer Awakes. Fixed awakening like Str+511, Dex+511 and many more. You can get these items by vPoints. Join us Now!
Symphony FlyFF - HIGH RATE
Symphony FlyFF is a balanced server that provides a v19 experience, We bring Equality to all Players,classes both PVE and PVP. The server aims to provide world class gaming to every player who will join the community. We can’t wait for you to join! Server opening February 8, 2018.
V19 Farm Server Friendly Community Fresh Server Donate Farming Ingame Free To Win Free For All Siege Guild Siege High Rate
Excellentera Flyff
[V19 Clasic Gameplay] [Rates: Exp: 1000x, Drop: 75x, Penya:300x] Semi High Rate [teleport,pet filter,appearance change,Auto ChangeJob,Perin Converter,Wiki,Drop log, ,auto max skill,dungeon timer] So what are you waiting for? Join Now!
Welcome to saintflyff, Old Flyff Gaming experience is here, x50 all rate server with beautiful and friendly staff 24/7 online, bring you back the old memories of flyff, dedicated server, huntable item,farming system, balanced gameplay, Exclusive Fashion, Lot of features inside and Fully No Pay To Win Server, Come and Join us today!
EnchantedFlyFF Mid Rate PVP/Guild Siege Server. 750 EXP , 500 PENYA, 250 DROP. Custom RC shops, Custom NPCs, Online rewards event, FFA Siege with rewards. NO IMBALANCE, vote and item mall the same!! JOIN NOW!
HydraFlyff is a v15 based server with v19 integrated functionality including the v19 GUI, with modifications such as the F-Bar. Custom Donation Coin system in-game. Edited drops to allow for easy farming. Knowledgeable administrators and staff. Join us now!
V19 V15
[New Open] Vivol Flyff v19
Newly Open Server, High Rates, Balance Pvp, No Pay to Win, Farming and Hunting Style to be Strong, Almost all items sold at NPC, Enable PK for Fun and Challenge, Seige War Everyday with Cool Seige Arena, Auto Job Change, Auto Max Skill, Level up Reward, Costumize Weapons , Armor Set, Rings, Fashion and Pets. Come and Join now and Engage to the True Pvp Style Server with no Corruption.
V19 Multilanguage Custom Systems Friendly Begginner Items Farm to Win Server No Pay to Win Farming Server
Elite Crystal Flyff v15 Returns
Elite Crystal FlyFF -300x EXp 100x Drop 200x Penya.Quest Style Old School Server.A free to play Flyff online server that caters to the needs of social and thrill seeking pvp players alike. Our staff has plenty of time to develop unique features that we are sure you will love.We are hosted on top notch DDos protected servers and perform frequent back ups to ensure your hard work is kept safe.
Insanity Flyff
insanity flyff flying with wings
Fenrir Flyff
[No P2W] [Farmable Donate Items] [Super High Rate] [Rebirth System] [Auctionhouse] [Modern Teleporter] [Many official FlyFF bug fixes] [Colosseum] [Custom Systems] [Fresh Server] Version: v19 Level-Cap: 150 -H 3rd Job Cluster 1 [Almighty High Rate]: 9999x, Custom Custom Release:August 27, 2018
V19 High Rate Guild Siege Friendly Free To Win Farming Rebirth Beginner Items Farm & Fun Auctionshouse No P2W
Miss playing the original flyff PH server? Flyff shade is a low rate server[EXP 30X DROP 30X PENYA 30X] and offers somewhat what we can call a \"throwback\". It is a growing community server that you would surely enjoy as you witness and experience it evolve with your own eyes. The management aims to provide it\'s players with quality service and attending to the constant development of your playing experience.The server does not offer fancy custom wings, ridiculous stats, or overpowered donation items. Instead, it focuses largely on fairness, stability, game balance and features. So come and
Soul Flyff v19
Soul Flyff- Is a Philipines Server V19 Friendly Gaming Staff Huntable End Armors and Weapons XP Rate9999x Drop Rate1x Penya Rate
Heroes of Flyff
Website: Heroes of Flyff Features:
V15 Multilanguage
Flyff Iblis
Flyff Iblis
Magma flyff
Let\'s go level up
Fly For Legion is a Siege server with lots of of fun, friendly players and cool Staffs! Exciting events coming soon! Come and join us! Lets keep the ball rolling!