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BastionFlyff Reforged [Siege Server]
Our Update is LIVE: All armors for free in the NPC Max awakenings in simple seconds additional items like cloaks expanded for free and instant use All consumables and food + pills for free No need to grind any PvE or PvP to get good item Start building your dream gear & character in a matter of minutes and start sieging within an hour! if you\'re new to bastion or you know the old one, come join now as things won\'t be better than it is now!
V15 Siege Server Free Gear Free Max Awake Custom Fashion & Cosmetics Weekly Updates Hourly Siege PvP
Fresh new server looking for beta testers and professional staff! We host events all the time, have staff members in every timezone (US, EU and Asia). Feel free to join our Discord if you have any questions.
V15 Multilanguage Active Discord Custom Systems Friendly Begginner Items Active PVP Farm to Win Server
Fly For Light
EXP Rate: 4.000x Penya Rate: 1.000x Drop Rate: 250x