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Cabal Origin Philippines
Cabal Origin Philippines Private Server Play to Win Server Fresh Server release of January 2018 New Dungeons, New pets, New Costume, Arcana of Law,Guardian and Chaos, Crafting System, No Set Donations Active Players Join now
Rogue Knights Cabal
Server Episode 8 up to 20 updates, new mounts, new robot, new armor and weapon item, new weapon and avatar costume, new dungeons upto forgotten temple b3f, balanced pvp and nwar, free palladium +15 triple amp permanent + full accessories. weekly updates, daily events, protected by Mshield.
New Cabal Montage Update: Mid Rate Server Play to Win Mecha Set and Weapon in Tpoints Gold Set in Yul Event New Accessories No OP items limit 3 slots only Skill EXP Bonus 600% Pet EXP Bonus 600% WEXP Bonus 800% Trans Skill New Create
Cabal Montage
Cabal-Montage CBM community
Trinity Cabal Online
Cabal Trinity Online! - No item donations - No donator sets - New costumes - New pets - Mounts - 3 new armor sets to choose from - Force close is a NO - Staff is 24/7 online - Donation is ecoin only - No Overpowered items -Legend Arena -EOD B3F PART 2 Server Rate: Exp: 200% Item Drop : 3 Skill Exp: 150% Craft: 5x AXP Rate: 200% Drop Rate: 5x Pet Exp: 100% War Exp: 100% Alz Bomb: x5 Als Rate : x5
ASCABAL EP8 Since 2008, Exp 3000x, Skill 200x, Craft 50x, Drop 300x, AlzDrop 30x, AlzBomb 10x, PetExp 25x, WarExp 25x MAX LEVEL 190, Online 724, Arcane Trace, Nostalgia Forest, With Hardcore Channel, BM3, Classic Crafting System, Customized TP WExp Shops, Very Active GM Staffs , No Cheaters.
Cabal Morpheus Online
A well-funded and balance Cabal Online Server. 24/7 Online Dedicated Server with lots of new features.
Cabal Pirates Episode 8 Mix Episode 16
Cabal Pirates Episode 8 Mix Episode 16 Pay to Win server Free Starting item Quad +15 Archridium Set and Weapon 2pcs Tempus Ring 2pcs Tyrant Ring Quad Slotted Bikes Costumes Pets and Many More Come and Join us Now
CABAL Online International
CABAL Online International