Black Desert Online Freedom


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Location Canada
Posted By Ayasaki Remi


Black Desert Online: Freedom is a community made Black Desert Online Private Server. Why are our EXP rates significantly higher? We are catering towards busy individuals who do not have much time to grind because of work/studies, and on top of that, the game having a ridiculous RNG system screwing you up over and over again. If you wish to enjoy the game, while spending an affordable amount of time and effort, you have come to the right place! Server Version: 491 Monster EXP: 40x Monster Drop: 12x Skill EXP: 8x Life EXP: 8x Horse EXP: 8x Explore EXP: 6x Tendency EXP: 5x Fitness EXP: 5x Guild Skill EXP: 5x Fishing Rates: 15x Collection Rates: 15x Steal Rates: 10x

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