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Hey everybody! We\'re glad to present first private server - Allods Online 5.0.1! Do you want to know more? Server rates: - Experience by killed monsters x25 - Experience by finished quests x10 - Reputation rate x5 Server features: - A lot of free items in Itemmall. - Almost 10x cheaper donate. - Regular updates. - Support is on a very high level, so your in-game problems will be solved quite fast. - Fast fixes of any found bugs. - High performance server - you will play without friezes and lags. Game features: - The top level - 60. - New class - Engineer. - New battle ground
Stolen World
Hi All! Welcome To The New Private Server Stolen World 4.0 Server rates: Mob Experience Rate x15; Quest Experience Rate x7; Reputation Rate x10; Zone Drop Rate x2. OBT Server is Started!!!
Allods Sky
Allods Online 1.1 free server