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Location Egypt
Posted By Ahmed Nade


Information Server- Cap 120 Pvp Server Dg13 For Professional players Mastery 440 Reces Chinese - Europe Fortress Jangan oNly Silk Free Silk Items Dg13 Seal Of Sun 8 Max In Shop For 1 Gold -- Alchemy Not Hard You Can Up To 15 Make 21 With Adv 8 C From Npc For 1 Gold Make Plus For Set Acc 19 Max Plus For Weapon 21 Start Item 50 Revers Scroll For Gold Weekly Pvp For STR Players Monday At 8.00 Weekly Uniques For INT Players Every Friday At 9.00 Enjoy Time Fortress Jangan OnLY - Friday MoDay Starting At 7.00 PM End In 830 PM More Information About NPC Scrolls Balloon - Zerk Global - Damage Scroll - Resurrection - HPINT - STRINT Super - For Coin From - Uniques Block Arabain Avatars Thief Honor Buff Scroll Change Name Rest Stats Title Name Scroll Flag 5 Blue Flag 9 Blue New Pets Attack Stats Scroll 80 For 1 Gold In Npc Uniques Normal Uniques Appeared Every 1 Hour Drop Coins Global Zerk Scroll - Mastery Scroll For 1 Gold in NPC Devill s 10 Premium VIP 20 New Avatars Titan Uniques Appeared Every 6 Hour Drop Coins Dollar Coins And Arena Coins Ranking Uniques Every to Week Rawerds Premium Title For First One Full Honor Buff For Second One System Trade Work how the job system Rewards work the new job is based on contribution points.if you achieve the required contribution points. you will get the reward fastest way to get the required contribution points is doing 1x5 full trade from jangan to Downhange And Downhang to from Jangan 2x town Work OnLY Rewards System... For Thief. there is a limit 10 Arena And 5 Copper Trader 30 Dollar And 50 Arena hunter 70 Copper And 50 Arena.. Arena Manager Events Team Winner in Arena Manager Rewards 50 Arena Coins Team lose Arena Manager Rewards 25 Arena Coins ... System Severs Exchange delay Time 100 seconds Logout delay Time 70 seconds Restart delay Time 150 seconds Stall delay Time 200 seconds Guild Limit 50 Max Union Limit 0 max concurrent unions Plus limit 14 maximum plus Exchange Disabled in fw Trace Disabled in fw Our Game We Work you Enjoy...

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