New Captcha on gtop100 20 Jan 2015

New Captcha on Gtop100!

Due to the Picatcha captcha service has been discontinued we have changed to Confident Captcha service.

New Gtop100 Updates 02 Nov 2014

New updates on 2014-11-02

Changes to the search option on the website has been made which will bring more traffic to the website and more visitors to your websites!


Minor changes to the contests section.


The top 100 advertising

New Gtop100 Updates 22 Sep 2014

New Updates on 2014-09-22


Contact us button: We have added the ability for you to add a "Contact us" email which will show up on your sitedetails page, this is great if you have no website of your own and are using the gtop100 sitedeta

Voting Code Update 07 Sep 2014

Everybody who is using the old voting links like: please login to your gtop100 account and click on "Manage my sites" and then "edit" your site and copy the new code from that page.

Regards, Gtop100 Admin

Pingback Changes 03 Sep 2014

Since we have moved our site to a new server you need to adjust the "$authorized" ip in order for the pingback system to work.

Please go to and update your script!

Regards, Gtop100 Admin

Recent downtime on 28 Aug 2014

Hello! has been down for a few days due to constant ddos attacks, we have been forced to move to a different server host that offers permanent ddos protection.
Server is up and running again, it is running a bit slow right now but we are working on this and it should be fixed ve

New Updates On 28 Aug 2014

Hello! i am very happy to announce that we have made several changes on that will help both you as game server owners and players looking for new games to play!
Here are some of the new features:

1. News Section, this section will be used to announce new features and oth