WoW-Freakz-com - Mists of Pandaria 5-4-8


Pet Battles
Fully achievable Loremaster
Fully working Guild System
Fully working Item Upgrade, Reforge, Transmogrification & Void Storage
Fully working World Events (including weekend Fishing Events)

Unique Freakz Features
Database Readers - The following scripts read data directly from our database and are 100% precise. Their names should be self-explanatory 
Item Finder
NPC Finder
Object Finder
Quest Finder
Spell Reader

PvE - Features particularly made to help you with various activities in-game. 
Raid Finder (Custom made, not the Blizzard one) 
Raid Finder Quest to help you with the gearing-up process 
Boss Timers to maintain a high level of competition between guilds 
Cross-faction Dungeon Finder & Raid Finder to lower the queue waiting time. 
Command to see the raid cooldowns/item-level of a specific player (.cd / .ilvl) 
Command to enable/disable spell-queue (.spellqueue on/off)

PvP - Features particularly made to help you with various activites in-game
Arena Ready Crystal - When both teams are ready, arena start timer will be set to 15 seconds.
Arena Spectate (includes the ability to see who's spectating) 
Command to see 3v3 queued teams (.3v3) 
Weekly PvP Quest to Win 30 3v3 Rated Arenas 
NPC with Elite T2 Weapons for 2000 3v3 Rating 
NPC with PvP Tabards/Mounts for 1850 to 2350 3v3 Rating 
Challenge (1v1 to 5v5) 
Gurubashi Treasure Chest

Unique Leveling Experience. More info
Spoiler: Arata
Recover Deleted Items 
Recover Items from Rollback/Vote 
Customizable Rates 
Arena Points/Cap Calculator 
5.4.8 Addons 
Great Vote Shop 

Connection between WoW and Forum accounts 
Reputation -> Vote Points Exchange

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