Vanilla Exuberance


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Location United Kingdom
Posted By Calibur Exuberance
Versions Vanilla Classic


So you're looking for a vanilla wow server? Well you've found the best one yet! Dedicated and enthusiastic developers have been working on this project for some time. Some of our developers actually played wow when it came out in 2006, which has come in handy when scripting content and making events as blizzlike as possible.

Our servers are dedicated to our players! We have a 24/7 management team looking after it as well as professional staff members to take care of your every needs. We have a 1Gbps connection, which is able to support 5000 players on our highly optimized core.

So do you miss the old days? Or perhaps you've heard all the rumors about "back in the day" and want to try it for yourself? Whatever the reason might be, Vanilla Exuberance is the server for you!

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