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WoW TBC 2.4.3 server Ares

WoW TBC Blizzlike server but optional 0x – 7x XP rates. Dungeons & Raids with Attunements. Start with PvP Season 2 and Honor items adapted. LoS & Pathfinding.

WoW-BrasilPa - World of Warcraft

Servidor Brasileiro de World of Warcraft Instant 80 e Blizzlike 10x

1.12.1 [wow private server]

Feenix pre tbc. 1.12.1 Vanilla wow private server! No. 1 in development. The biggest population of classic wow! 1500+ online and growing! Multi-realms for different gameplay!


Private server with a X12 High Rate Realm currently running Instant 80 Launch in February, Friendly and active staff, Fun weekly events, No custom patches or unbalanced gear, Come and join us today!


Welcome To Warhammer.We Are a Lich King, private server based out of Holland. Our goal is to provide a blizzlike experience!Our current server progression is 3.3.5a We have a strong GM support, and serverwide Discord channel Come join in the fun today and be a part of a very close community.I guarantee you will not be disappointed

Newest and most UNIQUE 255 server

[Dedicated Professional Staff] [Amazing Features] [Leveling System] [Class Balance] [Gear Sets] [PvE Enviroment:Raids,Dungeons,Farming,WorldBosses] [PvP Enviroment:Lots of daily changing quests] [Events] [Transmogrification]

Frozen WoW TBC The Burning Crusade

A great dedication the The Burning Crusade. With 5x rates and upped loot drops to help players advance to end game faster. Aimed at providing a Burning Crusade environment. Join Today!

Mayhem WoW

Best private server with lag-free realms, professionally developed and maintained powered by trinity core proven to deliver best stability and high performance!

WoW Maniac BR

Midsummer World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft 1.12.1 PvE Realm World of Warcraft 3.3.5a PvE Realm

Kombat wotlk 335a

Superior Quality - Blizzlike - All scripted - 99 uptime - Regular updates - Dedicated and friendly staff - Active PvP community - Working Arenas and Battlegrounds - Fair voting and donation rewards

Ruthless-Gaming Instant 85 PvP Cataclysm

We provide a competitive balanced well developed bug&lag; free PvP server with REAL MONEY to be earned by winning Arena Tournaments ! No Donation GEAr


A developer-lead Private Server Community featuring realm: The League [3.3.5a, Blizzlike, Leagues, PvP, PvE, Twink, Dynamic Progression, Role Play, Custom Events]

Avalon WoW

Blizzlike Highrate WotLK PvE & Pure PvP Arena Tournaments Server

WoW Chasm

We are a level 255 Funserver with brand new revamped dungeons, and more to come! Currently still in development. Come join us and help the server out.

WarStYle Heroes Level 1000

WOTLK LEVEL 1000, CUSTOM classes,helpers, items , quests, souls sistem upgrade, loots, waves, world bosses, instances and more more others. Join to the new world today an be the heroe of WarStYle


Onyxia Realm: 7x Blizzlike ||| Champion: Instant 80 Rele . Scripted all inc

Gurubasher - Blizzlike 1x rate FFA world PVP - Test phase soon

[100% Blizzlike 1x rate][LFD][100% working BGs][100% quests][100% Vanilla/TBC/WOTLK instances][Better pathfinding][world PVP][Free For All intrafaction PVP][Crossfaction/Interfaction PVE][No Lag][Auto BackUp][Professional Team][SunwellCore]

WoW Mery

Servidor privado de WoW Warlords of Draenor en modo Blizzlike Te apuntas?

ColossusWoW Legion 7x Blizzlike

Legion 7x Blizzlike - High Quality - Continous Development - Working Battlegrounds\\Arenas\\Skirmish\\Rated Battlegrounds\\Class Order Halls\\Honor Talents\\Scaling level - Scripted PvE Encounters - High quality dedicated server


Our Server is Instant 80, everyone can Fly Everywere, Starter Gear, World Teleporter, Starter Area and Jukebox. Gain honor dueling, your health and cooldowns reset before and after the duel. PvP Token System, we have a PvP Token Reward System, when you have a honorable kill you receive PvP Tokens.

WoW Supremo

Servidor Privado 3.3.5a Blizzlike

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INSTANT 60 TWINK 335a Absolute Hope

Come and join our newly-opened instant 60 twink PvP server. Death Knights, Blood Elves and Draenei are disabled!

Lachev's Overpowered

Fresh WOTLK realm • Authentic Blizzlike Experience • Fully Scripted Dungeons/Raids/Quests/Events • All instances open and available • Properly working spells and talents • Professional dedicated hosting • Friendly Staff • No Pay-to-Win donations.


Patch 3.3.5a / Fun-Server / 24h Online / Nettes Team / Tier 1 - XX / Eigene Quest-Reihen / uvm

Caustic 255 and Classless Realms

[3 Custom Classes Demon Hunter Invoker Necro][255 Realm][Classless Realm][8 New Races, Naga, Vrykul, Tuskarr etc][Entirely New World][ALL MoP, Cata, WoD content][Solo Content + Raid + PvP][Professional Developing Team][No Lag][Constant Uptime]


The new opened server UberWoW with WotLK 3.3.5a content! Gamemasters that work ingame and outgame that takes this seriously Want to know our features? Check out website Join us and help us grow

BlackHandl WoD private server

Medium Rate x7 Warlords of Draenor server. Working on 6.1.2 patch but will update to 6.2.0!

Crafted WoW

Enjoy the Blizzlike 3.3.5a atmosphere and content as you dive something unheard of in WoW Emulation. Whether it is the breathtaking PvP pumping your adrenaline to the max, the exhilarating fully scripted encounters giving you the finest raiding experience, or perhaps simply our professional style.

Fireballwow 3.3.5

WOWfireball Brasil 3.3.5ª •Venha conferir •Arena Sem Parar •Classes Balanceadas •BattleGrounds Sem Parar •Eventos todos dias •Spells/Talents 99,65% •Funcionando •Instant 80 Custom Server / Funserver 12x / Instant 100 HARD EDIT.!

MMORPG4ALL Wotlk High Rate

3.3.5a Highrated server :: 8 Xp Kill , 18 Quest :: Scripted instances ICC, Ulduar, and more :: Working Battlegrounds :: Low latency :: No Donations/Vote system :: No custom gear :: Friendly Staff :: TeamSpeak3 and IRC servers :: Superior Uptime

Purity WoW

[Purity WoW][Arena Season Rankings] [ALL Battlegrounds work] [Lag-free][Great Uptime] [PvP and Arena Titles] [Scripted Instances] [Balanced PvP] [Vote and be Rewarded] [Rates:17x Xp 22x Quest 20x Drop 16x Rep 22x Gold 3x Honor 3x Arena]

AmdWoW 335a

PVP/PVE Instant lvl 85 Custom Items,Bosses,malls,scripts VIP System world Chat Old AmdWoW BeyondTheCall(3.3.5a) Server Information: We are hosted on a powerfull dedicated machine with following info CPU:INTEL Xeon 4x 2.50 Ghz Processor 32 GB DDR3 Memory RAM HDD: 1.5 TB Port:1 Gbps Server Location: Europe

Thunder-WoW 255 335a

Thunder WoW is a 255 max level server with lots of custom items and custom content

Frozen Throne

Frozen Throne 3.3.5a Blizzlike x10 Realm, Mob pathing enabled Line of sight enabled battlegrounds and wintergrap 100% working Instances rewriten and now blizzlike scripts 95% of the quests work. LFG fully rewriten and working fine, LFR browser working and no addon is needed.


Almost instant 80 3.3.5a realm. Lithordean rewards those who play by giving them gold and tokens every 30 minutes. Use the tokens for instant levels, or to buy glyphs and other awesome gear in the Emerald Dream.

RedCrystal WoW 255 335a

[Max Level 255 3.3.5a]-[Reborn System]-[Weapons Artifact System]- [Custom Dungeons and Scripted]-[Upgrading System]-[Working Arena-BG]- [! v ! Arena]-[Custom Mall]-[24/7 Online]-[No Lag]