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Darksoul is unique megafun server with a lot of custom features. Instant level 70, even that it has high stats it comes with balanced PvP side allowing you just to connect and enjoy the gameplay. With new and custom content it is highly above your expectations.

WoW - CowGaming -

Just launched! Blizzlike Server x5 Rates PvP Server


Deepholme 1.12.X • PvE/PvP/RP • x1-x10 Rates • Blizzlike • 1-60 • No Lag • Working Battlegrounds • Scripted instances • Vanilla Honor System • Contests • Stable Server • Active Community • No OP donations • Dedicated servers • 24/7 Uptime • Join Now!

Theatre of Dreams

New 3.3.5a progressive realm | Server established 2005 | Proffessional, experienced staff | It\'s Over Nine Thousand, Loremaster & Battlemaster working | All battlegrounds, dungeons & raids fully scripted | Vote rewards | RaF | No P2W | The Battle For The Undercity working | Transmogrification

Undying WoW - Vengeance of Egorius

* Instant 80 335a PvE/RP/PvP Realm * Fully Custom Map * Custom Lore & Story Line * World PvP Questing Areas * Custom Cinematics * Legion Artifact Transmogrification & Druid Forms * Over 300+ Custom Mounts * No Overpowered Items * No Custom Items * Vanity Upgrades *

Plagueland WoW 2.4.3

255 TBC Funserver Patch: 2.43 Instant 255 Custom 255 areas Custom Season Item

Earth-WoW Official

Earth-WoW Official, Blizzlike x1 & PvP Tournament server with all expansions, experience world of warcraft once more, transfer characters from classic - tbc - wotlk - cata - mop - wod - legion

Ghost-Net - World of Warcraft

Ghost-Net provides you with the best Wrath of the Lich King (3.3.5a) experience available. We are an old community, dating back to 2007, and we are still living on, going strong. Join now and live the dark adventures of Northrend and beyond, and also be a part of the best WotLK blizzlike server out there.

DKPminus WoW Private Servers

A comprehensive WoW private servers option, including population information and more.

Mawalgar TBC

2.4.3 TBC, Instant 70 , Custom Items, Custom Instances, Crossfaction, Spectator, Custom Arena System, Dungeon Finder, Achivements, Transmog , Account Leveling, REGISTER NOW!

ForgottenLands - Pandaria Server

5.4.8 Patch • Blizzlike • Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids • SoloQueue arena system • Dungeon Finder • Fully scripted leveling zones • Dungeons/Raids all working Blizzlike • Biggest italian server

Arenawow understatement

Excellent serviceability. Solo Arena 3v3 and 1v1, 2v2 arenas unique system. Factional battlefield, fully operational inst. To list all the benefits, it is easier to go and see!

Oldwulf's WoW Server

Oldwulf\'s WoW Server. We run a basic 335a WoW private server with near Blizzlike settings. Come check us out.

The World Of Zhou

new fun wow sever come play

Vengeance of Azeroth

Vengeance of Azeroth [Classic][TBC][Unique Blizzlike Realm Progression][The Best Scripted Server][Spells Like Charge & Blink Working Blizzlike][Perfect Blizzlike Minerals/Herbs][Blizzlike NPC Stats System][Working Blizzlike LFG System][Active Devs and GMs in Community][Active Issue Tracker /w Issues Addressed Quickly] Brought to you by the Grandfathers of WoW Emulation! With over 35 Years of combined development experience. All Players who have come to play with us can not tell us enough about how well everything is Scripted and Working. Come and see what all the excitement is all about!

Asmodeos WoW Cataclysm

Fully Script Battlegrounds working Arenas working Spanish / English Community


The return of the one and only Uber-WoW. 3.3.5a instant 80 - No forced voting - No Lag - Epic Blizz Like - High Rate Blizz.

Tournament WoW

Instant 90 server with tyrannical to grevious gear progression 1v1 arena and more.

Angel WOW

[V/3.3.5a] [Blizzlike] [Servidor Brasileiro] [Staff Online 24H] [Eventos,Bgs,PVP] [No Lag] [Boss com Drops de itens] Etc...

Wow infary

Wow infary 3.3.5a

BlackBones WoW 335a & 243

BlackBones WoW is a quality server utilizing talented developers and resources to ensure the best fun experience around. Our team is a dedicated team that professionally creates and maintain everyday features for the players. Register today! About us: One realm Very High rates x30 Maximum working PvP and PvE content. The updates for the realm are made twice a month and more, that is why all the bugs get fixed rather quickly. Hardware for logon located in central Europe, it\'s providing an excellent ping from anywhere in the world.

WoW NewAge - WoW Private Server

The New Age of World of Warcraft is here. I want to Give you a small preview of what will be WoW New Age. Worldwide occur strange apparitions, Monsters, Giants, Demons From Huge Powers. Now life is Running out and to take refuge, races friendly and enemy are going to explore New Worlds where nature is untouched but full of cruelty, violence and unimaginable monsters. Enjoy your adventure in New Age, Explore unknown area and protect the New World with Your Allies. This project contains various Game Modes so you never get bored one player. Come and enjoy The New Modes: - Crazy Alterac Valle

WoW Battle-Shack 255 Funserver

[Custom Items][Amazing Custom and scripted Instances][Custom Quests][Working BG and Arena][Custom Mall][Balanced Classes] CUSTOM LEVEL ROAD ALL CUSTOM MOBS WEAPONS AND UNIQUE STARTING SPOTs

Vanilla Pre TBC High rate Naxxramas open

1.12.1 • Nostalgia WoW 1.12.1• 24/7 Uptime• Naxxramas open! • 2x XP other rates blizzlike • Pathfinding works!• No Lag• Working Bg\'s• Scripted instances • Working pvp system• Best server out there• Events• Stable Server• Small Community• No OP donations• Dedicated servers • Join Now !


Blizlike rates, Friendly staff, Polls and Vote for items, Come join our community.


servidor brasileiro 4.3.4 itens free ss9 gemas ecnchant 20k de gold full pvp

Magic WoW PVE Blizzlike

Blizz like rates / Role-Play Friendly / 2016 Release / No Pay To Win / Lag free / DDOS Protection / Community Driven!


Desecration is a Level 100 Fun Server! from the owners of Kasma WoW! Custom quest, Instances and Raids!! Events and Much More!

ExWoW - Classic WoW Private Server

ExWoW is Created with more then 10 years experience of private server developing We have the pleasure in providing a 99.995 of classic retail World of Warcraft. The server has made no concessions in recreating the classic feeling and difficulty of dungeons, raids, battlegrounds, and the general game environment.We pride ourselves on our scripting and in addition to the above we strive to ensure all spells and abilities are working as intended. It is for these reasons we believe we are amongst the best vanilla 1.12.1, 1.12.2 private servers.Features:x1 rates, 10 years of developing private serv

WoW Diamante Multi REALM new RACES COOL

WOW DIAMANTE MULTI REALM CUSTOM LEVEL 80 MAX BLIZZLIKE 80 MAX 8 new reces shop customs pvp zone, always fun


[Completely Free Stable Game] [Play Smoothly,lasting Uptime] [Wotlk] [Fun 255] [Unique PVP System] [ Mop 5.4.8] [100x rate] [Massive quests] [custom instances and Dungeons] [High Population] [Edited Battleground and Arena] [Amazing Mounts] [Balanced Classes] [ Friendly GM Staffs]


Serveur Vanilla / TBC retrouver ce que vous avez apprécié à l\'époque Vanilla ou celle du TBC, au plus proche de l\'officiel ! Un rate un peut plus haut x2.5. Venez regoûter dans la bonne humeur aux joies du JcJ (grades fonctionnels),

Defqon-Project WoW

World of Warcraft 3.3.5a WotLK server. Custom bosses, raids, gear, instances, and more! Friendly and active staff! Active community! Fast support! Great in-game experience!

Holy-WoW 255 Level

- Custom Patch- - Level 255 - - Over 100M HP - - World chat - - Teleporter - - pocket Teleporter - - VIP system - - VIP Commands - - Starters gear - - Upgrade able gear sets - - Custom instances - - Over 15000 custom items - - Over 1000 custom quests - - Custom Instances and Raids - - Farm areas - - Upgrade items system - - Transmogrification - - Gambling - - Professionaly developed - - Custom events which are soloable - - Custom World Bosses - - New zones - All race-class combinations - - Several custom malls - - Arena & PvP gear - - Vote rewards - - Donation rewards - - and much more ! -

Armagedon WoW Vanilla High Rate

Specification game server: *Emulator: Nostalrius/Elysium Core *Patch: / Vanilla / Classic *Rates: EXP: x12 Money: x5 Honor: x2 Reputation x2

Shadowburn World of Warcraft 335a

[335a Patch] [Blizzlike Realm 5x] [Played Time Rewards] [Fully Scripted BGs] [Scripted Dungeons and Raids] [Pathfinding] [DDoS Protected] [Daily Updates] [Anti-Cheat] [24/7 Online] [No-Lag] [Fresh Realm] [Join Now][Professional Developers]


Blizzlike server, 24/7 Uptime, 5x xp rate , Scripted Instances, Outdoor PVP,All raids [Custom PvE/PvP Quests] [Scripted Instances] [Pathfinding] [Working BGs] [No-Lag] [Friendly Staff]


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Warcraft Gladiators

Custom level 80 pvp blizz like server with major world edits, custom quests, custom items, easter eggs, Tmog and much much more!

World of No Limit 335a

[Custom PvE/PvP Quests][Scripted Bosses][Working BGs][Duel Zone][Active Development][No-Lag][Transmog][Active PvP][Anti-DDoS][Custom Anti-Cheat][Custom Mount/Legion Mounts][Custom Weapons/Legion Weapons][Reforger][PvP Zone][Custom Items][Custom Wings from MOP][Balanced Classes]

Chiccos 434 Blizzlike WoW Server

Chicco\'s 4.3.4 Blizzlike WoW Server.

PandasPaw WoW

Realm now Open! - PVP Server - 5x leveling rates - 5 minute download (stream play) - The best anti-cheat system about. (We offer rewards for any exploits found!) - No pay to win - Great customer support / ticket response time - A full time development team working on bugs and improvements

LegendaryWoW Classic 254 FunRealm

3.3.5a--99.9% Uptime--Balanced Custom Gear--Neutral Mall--No Pay to Win--Vote Rewards Available--Donations coming soon--Fully Functional Website--JOIN TODAY !

Ascension WoW Instant 80 WotLK PVP PVE



Blizzlike x8 90% setup funcional, buscador de mazmorras, bg\'s y raids funcionales!! Ven a pasar un rato con nosotros! By

Soul Keepers - World of Wacraft free server

5.4.8 - 3.3.5 Patch - Blizzlike - Fully Scripted BGs, Dungeons and Raids - SoloQueue arena system - Dungeon Finder - Fully scripted leveling zones - Dungeons/Raids all working Blizzlike - Biggest italian server

Slim WoW All GM Server [WOTLK]

Trinitycore 3.3.5a, Over 500 custom items, objects and NPCs, Custom places and chilling areas, Daily PvE/PvP and other seasonal events, Create your own NPC, gameobject or item, Friendly staff and community, 99,9% server uptime, Running since 2014!