War of the Immortals Private Servers

Listing the most popular WOI private servers.

[Orizon-Gaming][War of the Immortals]

[Legendary Crusade Expansion][9 Classes][LVL 150-ex100 Cap][Good Starter Pack][WOI Retail Storyline/Gear up System][High Rate][Weekly Updates][Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers][Open World PVP-Territory Wars][24/7 Support][No Lag][No Downtime][Join now and discover much more]

Legacia - WOI Lost Omen

Brand new starter server on beta test awaits for users to grow, expand wealth and share beautiful moments and high manners with it is own new brand of players. Hosted on RXL server via international by sparkriders team in egypt! visit for info/reports https://www.facebook.com/LegaciaWOI/

WOI Destruction - Vision - XP x100 Drops x100

Cult of the wyrm patch! XP x100 Drops x100! 9 Classes. Experienced staff, friendly and growing community.

WOI MORTAL Cult of the Wyrm-XP Drop 100x

Welcome To WOI MORTAL, Experience 100x / Drop: 100x / Patch: Cult of the Wyrm with Official items, New Oracles, New pets, New Weapon / Zen Per Hour: 2500