Ultima Online Private Servers

We list the most popular Ultima Online Free shards and private servers.

UO Excelsior Shard

Friendly players, great staff with professional approach. Since 2006. Balanced economy and drop rates. Over 6 years running. On a dedicated server with strong bandwidth. Tons of custom scripts, monsters and items. Frequent staff and player ran events. Browser interface for chatting, which you can access even at work. Welcome to your new home!


Lost City - Relive The Ultima Online Adventure

Try the first and only true MMORPG, regular events and updates, live twitch stream, friendly community [gamers, welcome, try it now]


Survival UO

Hello everyone, I\'ve been working on a server for quite some time and started the testing phase about 4 months ago. Hundreds of hours of testing and bug fixing later by myself and a small but dedicated team of friends, we believe we are finally ready to open the gates to the rest of the world. The server, as the name implies will not be easy. Most likely the most difficult start of all UO servers. It is a shard focused on re balancing the power of the player. Nothing will come easy. We have a great level system with experience from combat as well as crafting, NPC guilds with quest chains

Pandora Ultima Online [Dedicated Server]

[DEDICATED SERVER] [AOS/ML/SE/SA/HS/TOL] Online Over 7 Years! All Expansions using the latest Client. A community size that feels just right & not overwhelming. No Skill Cap / Easy Skill Gains / Start with house, mounts & more! From Gardeners to Serial Killers. Who will you be? Welcome to Glory.



RunUO Shard mit vielen UO:SA-Features, u.a. Gargoyles als neue, von den Menschen abgetrennte Spielerrasse, Imbuing, Mysticism, Barding-Spells, Underworld und Abyss. Viele eigene Erweiterungen wie das PvP-Castle Siege-System mit Gildenrewards und das innovative Criminal-System auf Ter Mur sowie viele eigene Quests. Online seit 2004! Eine freundliche Community und ein aktiver Staff erwarten Dich!

Athlore Reborn [Dedicated Server]

AOS Based Expansion with ML/KR/HS/SA. PvP/PvM/RP Server. Events such as Jousting/Deal or No Deal/PvP Tournaments/Scavenger Hunts/Gladiator Arena/Survivor Island. Challenging PvM. Custom Music/Scripts/Tamables/Mounts/Monsters/Bosses/Treasures/Daily Rares. 60+ Completely New Exotic Custom Artifacts. New Custom Dungeons! We drop major & minor artifacts on various regular monsters! Refer-a-friend rewards. Improved loot and gold drops. Challenge/Duel/Tournament system for our PvPers. Level System, 1000 Max Stat Cap, 1000 Max Skill Cap, 10 Pet Slots ALL Characters, 3 Houses Per Account!


World At War Reborn

1000+ Items and Npcs, Quest , Level System, 100 All Skills NO macroing needed , jump right into action. No guards, PvP world wide . Join us for fun ,old school shard around since 2001

Ultima Online Phoenix

Pre-AOS server with PVP restricted to Buc\'s Den, guilds and factions. Three new custom dungeons, tons of cool new monsters, and an instanced 5 man dungeon. We also feature a postal service, custom quests, new craftable items, stealables and rares, townhouses and a custom painting system! New Magincia is now a settlement and you can build a house there. Lots of other custom content, some obvious, some you will discover along the way. Start with 5000gp. 700 Skill cap and 225 stat cap.

UO Awakening

Since 2015. [ML/SE/SA/HS] Spanish/English Support Balanced Gameplay. Support system with the help of the community. Friendly and hardworking Staff adding new official & custom content. Play with us and live the real awakening of Ultima Online!


Ultima Shards Multiverse

A revolutionary new project eventually bringing all major expansions to players within one shardlist! Professionally maintained by the sole maintainers of the RunUO and ServUO emulators that most freeshards use. Age of Shadows - Released July 2nd, 2016 T2A, UOR, ML - Not Yet In Development Experience your favorite UO Expansions with mechanical accuracy with tons of Enhanced Features and Bonus Content! Enhanced Guild Experience Instanced Dungeons Improved Luck and Loot BODs And Bribery Weekly PvP and PvM Events PvP Centered Systems Transmogrification And MUCH, MUCH More! The Ultima Shards


White Tiger

Ip Address: Port:2593 White Tiger is a new & growing Server. We have experienced staff. Alot of the new custom things and We are adding more everyday! Start with 100 in each Stat! (statcap is 4oo) Unlimited skill cap. :) Two houses per account and two accounts per ip address. NOTE: If you need more accounts message Staff in game. Monthly Mobs, Tamables and Deco Mobs also! There is PVM and PVP in FEL.

Murder Uo

Pre Aos|Skillcap 10000|Statcap 300|Skillball and Statball|Wands|Poker|Custom Mobs|PvP|Supply Room|Taming Room|Custom Vendor|Beta

Old Paradise XL

Legendary European PvE/PvP server with level system and classes. All new players get level 10 and all skills to the maximum. Safe mode for free. Premium quality, Since 2004.

Land of Archon

Land of Archon is an Ultima online free shard with content up to Eodon! We have OWLTR, FS-ATS Gen2 Animal breeding, Custome Bosses, Levelable weapons, Socket system for equipment, PvP in Feluccia, custom equipment and deco, 2 accounts per IP, 3 houses per account, tons of custom systems like account vaults, bounty hunting, and auction system. Way too many to list! We even have the newest bod reward system! Discord! Come join a new server and build a community! www.landofarchon.com port:2593 Client:


UO Evolution-USA shard with the most custom, updated content anywhere! No skill caps,350 Stat Cap,Fast gains,New Champs,Hundreds of custom monsters/Items,150+Quests,Custom crafting,New Spell system,Townhouses,Animal Breeding,Bioengineering,Limited PVP, Mature/ Experienced Staff,Latest Patch [ML,SE,SA,Underworld,Ter Mur]

World Of Sosaria Ultima Online

World Of Sosaria! Since 2007 year! Come play and play with friends, WOS is here! ONLINE 50+ ! 100 lvl system, various pvp styles, interesting quests and events system

Neverlands Phoenix

Neverlands Phoenix is a continuation of the classic UO shard Neverlands, which has been around for over 10 years. We have a great fan base, a dedicated staff, greate pvm and pvp,events,rares, and are hosted on a high end dedicated server. Come

UO Roleplay

Friendly players & professional staff. PvP, PvM, and RP, Dedicated Server, Quests. Custom World, Crafting, Maps, Monsters, Items! A world like none other! Join us!!!


Family-friendly shard [ALL ERAS, no PK] with massive amounts of custom content, Committed staff, Exceptionally stable server - [No skill cap, multiple houses, staff and player events, new quests, 5 types of BODs, animal breeding, bioengineering, etc]


Darkness Once Forsaken

Darkness Once Forsaken No skill caps, 350 Stat Cap with scrolls. Hundreds of custom quests, monsters, items, deco and tamables. Bio-Engineering, Custom Crafting, Custom Graphics and Items.


An italian and international OSI style shard. Many quests proposed each week. Stygian Abyss, Mondains Legacy implemented and some cool and innovative custom features especially in pvp. International players and guilds from all the world. Come and live the DREAMS!


Mythical UO

We are at war. Choose your who you wish to be with. There are 3 cities awaiting new comers to aid them in battle. This is going to be your chance to prove yourself to those who need you the most. We are no longer at war with creatures. We are at war with all. This is no ordinary shard. This is an advanced medieval shard with cities for you to join and help aid them and defeat the other cities and conquer them. Your goal is to aid your ?brothers and sisters in battle and take over the next city.



Ultima Online shard since 2010, with Level system and Classes, Two opposing Alliances, Balanced economy with sufficiently large amount of custom content, Unique crafting and resource gathering systems, Two world projections - War [for fast paced PvP], Peaceful [for PvM players], Auto events.

Immortal Myths UO Freeshard!

~Adult Only RP & PVP~ Customs GALORE! A crafters paradise a questers dream! Custom wearables, deco and quest like you never seen before!! 2 Chars 3 houses per account. See our Website for more info!!

Forgotten World

51a sphere own edition: Old School PvP, Evolving PvM system, new craft system, no skills cap, 200+ online players.Welcome to your own world.


Wakened Online

A ML shard with some custom content, active development, and friendly player base and staff. We have an 8 core/16GB memory server in St Louis dedicated to the shard with unmetered bandwidth, raid mirroring to prevent any data loss due to drive failure, and multiple secure data backup locations. We also provide multiple routes to the shard from North America and Europe to provide an enjoyable gaming experience from a vast portion of the world.

Magnolia shard

Magnolia Shard rus shard pvp server ..


Legandary Knights

We feature no skill skill cap, 300 stat cap, many cust tamables and a player level sys,2 added maps. Many customs, 3 houses per account ,we also have all the crafting systems. The custom Resources also .PVP and PVM. The Server is Gargoyle Friendly. We feature Mini champs, Peerless.We are a Family Friendly Server.There will be Events run Daily 2593

UO An Corp

The Largest FREE T2A-ERA SHARD In Por Ylem\'s spiritual successor. We look to continue the legacy that is IPY and enhance it with a fresh vision. Diligent and talented developers have brought you an Ultima Online experience unlike any other.


Pestilent Ultima Online Age of Shadows

Experience a new level of balance and quality in free Ultima Online starting April 2nd @ 10 AM, EST (UTC-5). Mark your calendars for the start of an incredible journey and help spread the word of our launch! Pestilent UO transports players back to the Age of Shadows (AoS) era in Ultima Online. Play with our community--backed by a development team dedicated to quality and longevity--during one of the most fast-paced, well balanced, and exciting times in the history of Ultima Online! Dedicated server w/ Internap Managed Internet Route Optimizer™ technology - Limited land mass for increase


Dragons of Time - Athlore Darklands

est. in 2000 Dragons of Time is the greatest sphere 51a server ever created! Originally modeled after Athlore Darklands, 77 and Valcor have recently joined forces to bring back all those old school childhood memories! Instant 150 150 150 3750.0 theres no need to macro! Relive the memories!

Second Age

Second Age is the most accurate emulation of the T2A era online today. Balance of PvM, PvP and RP All T2A Era systems

Dawn UO

Dawn is a humble attempt by a few friends and myself at recreating some elements of our favorite shards in a classic Ultima Online setting. Our goal was to build a hard shard with a familiar classic feel and rekindle the sense of excitement and accomplishment that was felt during the golden days of UO. That and put the focus back on community, commerce, and character development. We created a long term shard where players are rewarded for actually playing instead of racing to the end. There is useful content for every skill level and more is added constantly. Here every character is never real


Lost Lands Of UO

Old server built in 2006 5.0.7 era Custom Mounts, Evo/Mercenaries, Artwork, Artifacts, Monsters and crafting systems built from the ground up.TWO ACCOUNTS PER IP NO SKILL CAP / 500STAT CAP. Connect with client available on the web page.


Legendary Roleplaying Shard 14+ years running. D&D system based lvl/exp/feats/perks, classes, races. Never ending RP, unforgettable adventures.

Serrano Kingdown

New Shard - Nov 2017. Latest UO Content - 305 stat cap - No Skill Cap Lots of Custom Quests - Craftables - Monsters - Artifacts - Tameables Fast Gains - Increased FC-FCR-LMC and much more! IP Port 2593


Lords Of Luna

Lords Of Luna [DEDICATED SERVER] [ML/Custom] Era shard with LOTS of custom content! In the making for over 3 years! No skill caps, 300 Stat Cap, Fast gains, custom monsters, Items, tamables, skills and systems!



New items, map, races. AMAZING !!!


The Best Ultima Online Shard Antares

Free Russian Ultima Online Shard, 250+ Online, Sphere 56b, Client, 1000+ Quests, 100+ Dungeons and Bosses, BaseItems, BaseMonsters, Pirates

UO White Wolf

PvE Ultima Online server with levelable pets, weapons, armors and more. Lots of quests and custom bosses. Check us out now and start with a welcome pack.



Nuevo servidor PVP 2017 IP: uoland.sytes.net Port: 2593


The Expanse

RP/PvM style. OSI with SA. Statcap 375, unlimited skillcap. 100\'s of custom items, spells, areas, dungeons, quest chains, NPCs, monsters, and crafting with Indiana Jones & Star Wars expansions with Vampires/Werewolves recently added!


Lands of Time

Lands of Time Custom Client, 6800.0 Skill cap Stat Cap 250, Custom Maps, Custom Mobs and Items. LOT Strives to make uo a home for any style of play. Active Development and staff. Shard currently in open alpha mode looking for active players and also accepting staff applications.


Welcome to Eragon a new Startin Ultima Online Shard at the Beta we are constantly Developing things for this shard. Pleast Report all Bugs to the Owner


Insane UO

European shard with custom content! Active development, unique PVP, Fast skill/stats gains, Champs, Paragons, New Systems (PvP/PvM), lot of custom items/npcs, new crafting items, Friendly Community, Auto-Account. Open Since 17-7-2017

Kojio's Realm

Skills to 130 - 7xgm skills for new players. Stat cap 600 no instant bandaid, 4/6 casting, squire system, breeding

Ninth Virtue

Mondain\'s Legacy,OSI [Publish 59],Client 7.0.58,Enhanced client support,AutoAcc,Limits: 2 acc,5 chars,1 house,Skillcap 700,Statcap 225,no anti-macro,Boosted gain,facets: New Haven,Fel,Ilsh,Malas,Tokuno,Young in Fel,PK\'s in Fel/Malas/Tok,Ilsh blue only,Vet Rewards[3months],Donate,some customs.Enjoy! Long: Mondain\'s Legacy based freeshard, Rules and mechanics - OSI up to Publish 59, Client required:, Enhanced client supported, Accounts per player: 2, Characters per account: 5, Houses per account: 1, Skillcap: 700, Statcap: 225, Accounts created automatically with first login, Uniq

UO New Horizon Era

In Development -Alpha- Stage Looking for all staff. Era: AoS and above Client needed IP: Port: 2593


Zulu Hotel Hue Br

Zulu Hotel Hue Br is an entertainment system created to provide wellness to its members, both players and staffs in general. As such, we also seek to maintain order, so that none of these harm or harm others. The Zulu Hotel is the world\'s best-known script, ZuluHotel scripts have begun to spread throughout the world taking gigantic proportions. Easy Shard. Class system Dedicated server Weekly Events -Set 3 skills 130.0 - Exclusive donations space (Released in beta) * Dummys, mining, fishing, npcs etc.