MaxRoad-Online D11


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Location Egypt
Posted By Maxrod Rod


Join MaxRoad-Sro today!
old school feeling with maxroad style
New servers appear and disappear day by day, but none of them work properly.
 (Too many edits, too hard, too easy, too complicated or simply boring) 
We offer you THIS. A stable server, which I hope will be visited by all of you. 
Why is this going to bee a good server?
 Well, mostly for the reason that we are bringing back the old school feeling with maxroad style and I hope all love it
D: 11
Level Cap: 110
Mastery Level: 110
Start Level: 1
Exp: 30x
Exp Party: 33x
SP: 30x
Gold Rate: 10x
Drop Rate: 12x
Max Plus: +12 No Advanced
IP Limit: 8
Race: Eu&Ch
Nova: Drop From Mobs
Fortress War: Jangan & Hotan & Bandit Available
Server Files:vSro
DDOS Protection: Yes
Website Protection: Yes
Backup Dedicated: Yes
Sox: Egy A,Egy B, Nova Isro System
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