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Seal Online Diamond Private Server

Start level 10 Reputation 200.000 ( Fooder ) Cegel Character 20.062.012.Cegel Bank 4M Bank Guild 1M.Weapon All Jobs XG+12 HTBS School Set .G+6 Acc Ninjas Necklace.G+6 Pet Jurassic Mosquito in Amber ( Max Option ) No Lagging No Freezing


Game Setting ?BOD official Client, but Official taiwan server ?High Drop rate, enjoy for hunting ?High experience, 3day can be 261 (Full level) ?Multi Function Launcher ?Latest map feature (Sky Island Alcanez, sage tower, Blue eye) ?Funnies Permanent Event such pet gambling, fishing ?Toy exchange system ?Latest class : Hunter (chef would updated) ?advanced System such offline stall, quick transfer class, auction center and etc ?Equipment exchange system ?New Accessories Alcanez\'s and Dragon Caw ?Free CP , Item mall Semi Free ?Auto Levelling system with using almighty potion ?Various type o