PkOwnage, Bossing, Skilling 24.7


[c] [b][u]Features of the server.[/u][/b] VPS 24/7 DDos Protected Hosting Perfect Switches, See for yourself *Currently no video content.* [u][b]Player killing system, earn points.. cash out! - Lots to earn and trade.[/b][/u] Rare & valuable items gained only from the PKP store! e.g Strength amulet (t) +2 on fury stats, it's untradeable. Safe PK system - Allows new users to get used to the PKing (Hotkeys, switching, etc) along with a fun PK area. [IMG][/img] [u][b]Boss killing system, again earn points and cash out![/b][/u] [IMG][/img] Donators have two of their own areas, can choose a player title and have the ability to yell to players Donators also have a staking box added for them to use Shops at the general store along with a full Player Killing Point shop Jad - Defeat Jad and gain a [i]Kiln cape[/i], he also rewards you 5 pestcontrol points ::skills - Herblore, Mining, Smithing, Crafting, Woodcutting, Fletching, Firemaking, Thieveing Skilling will help to make you money and keep your bank flowing if you were to run out of items! ::commands - This will tell you every command that you as a player will need to know! xplock/unlock in the quest tab at any time, brilliant for anything other than master Friendly Owner, I will help you as best I can when I can when I'm not sleeping or busy![/c]

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