[317] ZXScape [ECO]


Hello all! Welcome to our brand new ECO server ZXScape! This server will make you work for your gear, train for your strength and barter for your wealth! The server has many many things to do. Ways to get rich. Ways to become, the Legend! With being an ECO server items are obtained by playing a lot and swinging your sword! Donators have a slight advantage to items. But they also do (obviously) come at a cost. Donator prices will be announced soon! ZXScape's can offer: Premium! (Like RS membership) Questing! Titles! Perfect combat! Statue and EP System! 100% clipping! 20+ bosses! (Some new and Premium Bosses) Economy! Clan Chat! Bank tabs! Glacors! GWD! 602+ items! 602 maps! Custom Dungeoneering! Chaotics! Pest Control! Fullscreen! HD! Customisable Client! TokHaar-Kal and Fight Kiln! Dragon defender! Summoning! 23+ skills! Achievements! Quick prayers! Curses! Revision toggling on everything! Multiple gameframes! Barrows! Player-owned shops!(a bit like GE) Lottery! Dueling! Random Events! Warriors' Guild! Sounds for almost every weapon/monster/action! Boss Pets! Fight Caves! And much more! ---- We ARE currently looking for active staff members. Members that come to play and help other players. Therefore you must have a decent amount of time played! We look forward to meeting y'all soon!

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