Runes of Magic Private Servers

Listing the most popular Runes of Magic private servers.

Ateria - Runes of Magic

Welcome on an chapter 3 based Runes of Magic private server. We love the game it self and so we are going to hold up the good old times. EXP - X2 TP - X4 Good and fair diamond prizes.

Runes Of Magic Chapter VI

Runes Of Magic Chapter VI IX2 GAMES ENEU + TR Server

Runes of Magic Aurora of Destiny

All Rights Reserved, Runes of magic Aurora OF Destiny - ROM - AOD 20x EXP 100x TP Fun Dias and funny gm\'s + friendly ask informations on game! Just for GM Is Arya Arya\'s Alt is Aurora, i mean me lol heh, see in the game :)! ================ Hamachi IP :: - OFFLINE ================ ?Coming Soon! Chapter 6 * More at - blog section!

Nexon Studio ROM Server

Nexon Studio Runes Of Magic Server [Current version: 6.5.5] [RATE 10x] [Server Online 5 years] [Constantly update]