Runes of Magic Private Servers

Listing the most popular Runes of Magic private servers.

Emerson Gaming - RoM

Discover the world of Emerson Gaming - RoM. Be one of the first and register your account now to join our Chapter 1 open beta server.

Rise of Runes

Max LVL - 55 / Rates - x2 / daily bonuses / solo dunge / new weapons and armor. Play Now!

ChickenPickle Rom Server

Here at Chickenpickle Enterprises, we strive to bring you the best online MMO experience. Our XP/Gold drop rates for ROM are x11 and our TP-rate is x100. We have an EU (Europe) and US (America) game server, so no matter where you are the lag shouldn\'t be too harsh. So while you\'re here, please enjoy your time and let us know if you\'re not enjoying your experience so we can make it better for you.