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SERVER INFORMATION: (Free Full Donate Random RV +10 SET , +10 HONOR WEAPON and Hover Board) Automatically Inserted once you reach cap level. 4 Balanced Class Server ( no extreme ) 210 Max Level up to 167 skill (w/ Pull/Push effect) Spheres at the NPC only +15 Max Upgrade (Effects based on Official Ran) Classic Party Leveling Classic Hunting (You can hunt Accessories at PTZ/DL set at CUBE MAP) Maps Based on the Classic RAN (TH, MH, RH,Prison,PTZ,HB AND CUBE for Leveling) Crafting for Permanent Desolator Set and Astral Weapon (Upgrade using refines up to +15) Mid rate Drop Consumable Items like

Young Bloods Ran Classic

Classic Gameplay 200 Max Level / 167 Last Skill / Quest Based / Hunt Based / Low Rate Server / Very Active GM/Staffs Come and join Us Now!