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RedZone Ran Classic Style
Red Zone Ran Classic 4 Class Features: -Classic Items -167 Max Skill -200 Max Level -No Rebirth System -Mid Exp Rate -Low Drop Rate -8:00pm - 9:00pm CW Time -Club War Saturday and Tuesday -Club Death Match thursday -Tower Invisble To time PK (Crafting Item Mix) -Free Newbie box +9 armor and weapon Set 7 Days -Boss Hunt feature -RightClickFunction Wear/Unwear -PKStreak -Boss drops cool items -High-speed Dedicated Server 7/24 -Rules are Important -Friendly Community -Stable Server -100% Fair Play Balance Strategic Gaming -Long-term and Well-Managed Server No donate freebies just for a player t
Ran Online Fanatic
Welcome Ran Fanatic Online to point Point Online + Vending = 2 Point Online + Vending + Premiun = 3 Point Online + hunting = 3 Point Online + hunting + Premium = 4 Point Point can be @ 1 Minute 4 Balanced Class Classic Items 157 Max Skill 175 Max Level (update) No Rebirth System * Mid Exp Rate * Low Drop Rate Free Necklace 3 Exp 1D Disable PET Skill - Prevent character Item War event. Clubwars (Everyday except Saturday 8PM to 9PM) Club Death Match (Coming Soon) Tirany (Coming Soon) School War (Coming Soon) No donate freebies just for a player to play in our game!