Ran Online Private Servers

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Old School Ran Online

Server Features: - Balance Game Play - Low PC Requirements (No Lag) - Free all skills - 90% Success Refining Rate up to +20 - 50% Success Refining Rate up to +30 - Unlocked all skills 7 up to 237 original skill (when character created) - High rate Exp/Gold/Drop with everyday BTG event - 5 Class settings Old school style - No over power/skill class like (Assassin and Extreme class) - Max Level up to Lv 300 - Max Refine in armors/weapons +30 in different colours - Item Name with each rare grade (General, valuable, etc) - more newest and oldest costume available ingame NPC - Server start December

Ocram RAN Online

Come And Play With Us! Experience the Massive PvP War Game! Ocram Ran Online 7 Class Server: Hunt,Vote and Craft Based For more information Visit the Following: Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OcramGamingEntertainment Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OcramGaming Facebook Buy And Sell Groups: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OGNBuyAndSell https://www.facebook.com/groups/OcramGamingOpenGroup Website: http://ocram-networks.com

Saint R MNetwork

Server Features: - 5 Class System - Balance Game Play - Low PC Requirements (No Lag) - Free all skills - Pet System Enable - Bike Enable - 90% Success Refining Rate up to +20 - 50% Success Refining Rate up to +30 - Unlocked all skills 7 up to 207 original skill (when character created) - High rate Exp/Gold/Drop with everyday BTG event (RG Game System) - More Quest Enable - Unlocked 5th class Gunner (Scientist Class) - No over power/skill class like (Assassin and Extreme class) - Max Level up to Lv 900 - Max Refine in armors/weapons +30 in different colours - Item Name with each rare grade (Ge

Ventus Ran Online Ep9

7 Balanced Class,Max level of 260,Skills upto 237,Mid rate server,Strategic Gameplay,Massive PvP War Gameplay!

Extreme Ran Online

-Server Features- ? EP7 5 Class (Swordsman,Brawler,Archer,Shaman,Gunner). ? Official Tyranny (SPP Map) (Queueing System). ? High Rate Server. ? All Items are huntable (Find a weapon/armor with best RVs) ? Saint Research Underground map. ? Donor and Non Donor E-rooms are separate. ? PH and TH Key for Non Donor. ? Hunt Your Own Items ? Unlock Skill Up To 237 ? NO STUN EFFECT ? NO ANTI POTS EFFECT ? NO ANTI SKILLS EFFECT ? NO HP CUT EFFECT ? Wing (Attack speed). ? Target Info Enabled. ? Golden E-room (w/ score) (crown + reward for the winner). ? WarZone Enabled (Improved WarZone U.I.). ? King of

Rampage Gaming Network

?????Rampage Gaming Network????? ?NO FULL DONATE ?NO PREMIUM SERVICE ?HUNT YOUR OWN / UPS YOUR OWN ??????FOUR BALANCE CLASS (Swordsman,Brawler,Archer,Shaman) ??????175 MAX LEVEL ??????157 MAX SKILL ??????NO DUAL LOG IN ??????ACTIVE GMs AND ADMIN ??????FULL OF EVENTS ??????MIDDLE RATE SERVER ??????CLUB WARS ACTIVATED T/TH/SAT 8PM ??????SCHOOL WARS (Tyranny SPP) ??????ROYAL RUMBLE ??????QUEST BASED ?Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/280493645739682/?ref=bookmarks ?Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/Rampage-Gaming-Network-189371540…/…


210 Cap Level Up to 167 Skills Party Leveling Questy System Hunting 4 Balanced Class LOW RATE NO REBORN

BlackSmith RAN Episode 9

No Reborn 7classes Unlock All Skills Combo Based Dex attack speed 350 Max LEVEL Club War Royal Rumble every 4hrs School War every 4hrs Tyranny Anti Skills/ HP Cuts Enabled Active and Friendly Staffs ( No BIAS ) Donor vs. Non Donor 100% Possible

Exiled Ran Online Ep10

Ep 10 Semi ran gs 8 class.

Zurc Gaming Online

»24/7 Online Dedicated Server »EP 9 Gameplay (7 CLASS SERVER) »EP 9 Interface »Free +18 SET / +15 Weapon / Access / Wings / Toy (New Market) »Level 350 Cap Level »No Reborn System »Max Ups +19 »Skills 7-237 ( UNLOCK UPON CREATION ) »Huntable Warpoints »Huntable Set / Weapon »Anti Skills/ HP Cuts Enabled »Character Simplify »Massive PvP (CW/RR/SW(TYRANNY) Activated) »Easy Leveling Maps (Death Prison 3f) »Regen and Combo Based Server »PK Streak Enabled »Active and Friendly Admin ( No BIAS ) »CW Activated Everyday @ 8pm-9pm »Potion Tray Lock »Right-click Function »Additional

9 Class Shaper Class

Come and Join Us Free2play unstoppable thrill game style balanced 9 class

Graveyard RanOnline - New Environment

:: 8 Years of Gaming :: Reliable Server :: High Rate Leveling and Drops :: Custom Items and Costumes :: Huntable Items Same Max RV as Max Full Donate Items :: Vehicles/Pets on NPC :: CW / CDM / SW Activated :: FREE Skills :: FREE Starter Pack ::

Trapeze Ran Online

Server Features: - NO PAY TO WIN! - Balance Gameplay - Active Staffs and GM\'s - Max Level 260 - Max Skill 237 - Max Upgrade +11 - Rando & Seal Based Gameplay - No Donate Items or RV\'s - Hunt your own items!

TaceRAN Online

CRAFT BASE SERVER | A RELIABLE | STABLE | LONG TERM SERVER | HUNT YOUR OWN SET/WEAPONS/ACCESSORIES | NO Over Power Weapon/acce/set/PLAYER ALL Balance! | Automated Farm system | TRANNY WAR (SPP) (With Auto REWARD) | Club War (With Auto REWARD) | Royal Rumble (With Auto REWARD) | Vote to VPoints | Freebies for creation players | Level 220 +10 Armor (Permanent) | Level 220 Weapon Ticket (Permanent) | Novice Skit Package | NO REBORN | HUNTABLE ALL ITEMS | Max Level 260 | Multi Skill Effects | SKills 7~237 Unlock Requirements: LEVEL/GOLD | CRAFT SYSTEM|

Great Ran Classic

Welcome to Great Ran Classic Server !

En5 BabyRanGaming

Gunner Class Version- Balance Gaming Experience- No Assassin Class(Imba kasi) - No Lag Issue- Light PC Requirements- Free Skills upto 7 - 217 - Max Refine +30- NO Donate Set- NO Donate Weapon- GM Events - CDM - CW - LastManStanding - 6H/6D Active Live Support - No OverPower- COme and Join Us! BabyRanGaming - 6 Class Enabled, Balance Server , Max Upgrade +160 Weapon Upgradable Via Item Upgrade in Website, Official BabyRan Gameplay, Updated UI, Updated GUI, No Lag Issue, SW, RR , CW , Events, Come and join us.

DivineRAN Online Classic Low Rate

QUEST BASED SERVER ? 230 CAP LEVEL ? 207 FINAL SKILL ? TYRANNY WARS(SPP) ? SUPERRIOR WARS ? CRAFT BASED SERVER ? NO DUAL LOG IN ? NO Cheats / Auto Pots ? Game Guard Protected ???? ? Boss hunt based server ? Random item value (rv) ? Character Info Preview ( No Doubts on stats ) ? Official Ran Online PH Items ? Easy Add Stats Ex. /Dex(Value) ? PvP WARS ? ???? Tyranny War (Every3hrs) ???? Superior War (SundayEvery3hrs) ???? Club War (MWF)

Tokhang Ran - Classic


915 - XtremeworkX

FLAG WAR[NEWEVENT] / NON STOP ACTION[VIP REWARD] / 8 Class / Tyranny[VIP Rewards] / Royal Rumble Event / MaxUpgrade Plus 18 / 1 to 11 no Vanish / All Skill Free / Active GM Events or Support / 2 Ch / 24/7 Online / LastManStanding / All items are drop by mobs / BalanceGamePlay / EP9 Srv /

Warriors RAN EP7

Server Features: - Classic 4 Class - Starting Level 1 Cap Level 200 - Max Skill 167 - Max Upgrade +9 - Low Server Rates : x10Exp / x3Money / x3Drop - Quest Based System Boss Hunting System Party Leveling System Well Optimized Game Security With Unique Game Features - Classic Interface - No Donate Set/Weapon - Points Donation only. Join Us NOW!!! Discover & Feel the Real Hardcore Gaming.

ROR Networks EPX

Server features: ? RAN GS style ? Much easier hunting system ? Much easier crafting system ? X5 drop rate, X3 exp rate ? Additional attackspeed speed rate: 30% ? 8 balanced class (including Magician) ? Skill renewal for all class ? Huntable all items ? Craftable items ? NO DONATE ITEM ? EP DONATION ONLY ? NO HIDDEN SERVICES ? NO OVERPOWER ? NO RV DONATION ? NO REBORN ? Lvl 260 Max level ? 4 stats per level ? 7 to 237 Skill ? FREE 220 skill points upon creation ? Cool freebies ? Permanent items when you reach level 220

Alienware Ran Episode 9

-24/7 Online! -7 Class (Extreme Reboot) -No Reborn -No Leveling (Max Level After Creation) -Dex is Attack Speed -Regen Based -PK Streak Enable -Item Link -Item Crafting -Characte View -Tyranny -Royal Rumble -Unlock Skills to 167 (Other Is Huntable) -Pure Hunting & Crafting -Max Item Upgrade +30 -No Bias Staffs

Hooba Ran Online

Join Hooba Ran Online now! EP7 Classic Based Server. 24/7 No Lag no bias gameplay , Hunt Based Server!

Neutral Gaming Networks

[NEW DEDICATED SERVER] ? Extreme Edition ? 7-297 Mixed Skills ? School Wars [Automatic Insert Reward] ? Royal Rumble [Automatic Insert Reward] ? Suryun Event Everyday [Automatic] ? Hardcore Reborn Server ? Unique Gameplay 3 Schools in 1 Campus ? Club Wars ? Classic Features ? Right Click Function ? Item Upgrade Announcement ? Attendance System ? Active Events ? BTG ? High Drop Rate ? Satisfying Newbie Gift Box ? 100% Balanced ? 100% 24/7 Dedicated Server ? 100% 24/7 Website ? 100% 24/7 Autopatch Launcher ? 100% No Edited Items/Skills ? Exchange your\'e Game Time to Premium Points ? VOTE REWARD

Oracle Ran Classic EP 6

????Oracle Ran Classic ????Server Opening Date: ( June 18, 2017 / SUNDAY) ????Episode 6, 4 Class, Classic Server ????Max Level 200, 167 Skills ????Hunt your own, Upgrade your own items (NO PREMIUM REFINES) ????Low Exp and Loot Rates ????E-Points donation ( 1PHP = 1EP ) ????Vote Points convertible to E-Points ( 3VP = 1EP ) ?????????????ACTIVE GM AND EVENTS ????CAP REWARD! ?SchoolWars ?Tyranny ?RoyalRumble ?CDM ?Weekly Suryun ????Future Updates


» 7 Balanced Class » Highrate Gameplay » Regen / Combo Based » 100 Starting Level » 260 Max Level » No Reborn » Unlock All Skills » Skills Effect Enable » +25 Ingame Max Upgrade » Hackshield Protected » Donor vs. Non Donor 100% Possible »» ADDITIONAL FEATURES «« » Official Interface » Official Map Window » Item Link » View Character Info » Additional Character Info » Item Crafting Enabled » Hunt Based » Sealed Card »» PVP WARS «« » Club War Everyday » Official Tyranny System (St. Power Plant Map) » School War (PVP Mode) » Club DeathMatch » Royal Rumble



EternumRAN Classic

Episode 7, 5 Class. 210 Max Level, 167 Max Skill, Classic Server, Balanced all class.

Takeo Ran Classic

Episode 7 4 Class Version: Highrate Exp Last skill 167! 210 Max Level No Reborn Voting system / Voteshop are Enabled Dedicated Server 24/7 Balance Gameplay, Daily Events , Active Staffs CDM enable ( Club Death Match at Practicing Yard ) CW every Monday-Wednesday-Fridday & Saturday 8pm to 9pm PH Time Right Click FUnction (Wear/Unwear) PK Streak

2006 Ran Online Classic Ep1

4 Classic Server Ep1 Gameplay 135 max level 127 skills only +9 upgrade Hunt and Quest Mode up too Prison Map Gametime / Vote points and E-Points Classic CW and 2 PVP Event on July 2017


REVOLUTION-X RISE OF MAGICIAN [Malaysian Base Server] ,8 Class Midrate Server Swordsman,Archer,Shamman,Brawler,Gunner,Assasin,Extreme Reboot (new),Magician (new ,Pots / Regen base server,24/7 Online ,Skill can learn through gold,Skill effects ,Hackshield and Gameguard Protected,Updated items and new items,Item Preview / Item Link,Item Mixer / Item Mix category,Character Preview,School Wars,Royal Rumble,All items can hunt / mix in game.Hunt your own items ( NO DONATE WEAPON , SET AND ACCESORIES , YOU CAN MIX OR HUNT IT IN GAME )Friendly Staffs and Admins.

Hi Baby Ran - Baby Ran Official Gameplay


Ethereal Ran Gaming

* 4 Class * 101% Balanced Gameplay * Sonya and Veno Hunting System * Anti Cheat System * New Item Info UI * New Font UI(Added Shadows) * Added Sealed Card ( Single and Dual ) * Added Wrapper Card ( Right click to remove wrapper ) * School War ( TYRANNY ) * Battle Field UI * Item Link * Character Info Preview ( No Doubts on stats ) * Official Ran Online PH 2013 Items * Contribution Items * PURE HUNTING SERVER * Max Level 230 * Last Skills 207 * 100% FREE TO PLAY ! * Humble And Friendly Admin * Right click to Equip/Unequip * Easy Add Stats Ex. /Dex(Value) * Random Values Like Official( Att

Mutant Ran Classic

Starting level:100 Max level: 210 Max Skills: 167 Open Maps, but needs level requirement. Max Refine: +9 Max Value for armor: 19.99% Max Value for weapon: 9.99% No Donate Armors No Donate Sets No Donate Accessories

Outlaw RanOnline Episode10

6 Balanced Class [Renewal](Swordsman,Brawler,Shaman,Archer,Assassin,Gunner) 7 to 237 skills, Gold To Learn Hunt and Grind your own items, No Premium Service for (Max RV, Max Attack, Max Upgrade). For more information Join on our Official Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OutlawRanOnline/ Official FanPage: https://www.facebook.com/OutlawRanOnline/

Necrosis Network

Episode 9 Private Server 6 Class - Swordsman, Archer, Brawler, Shamman, Extreme and Gunner Balanced Gameplay Max Level 235 Max Refine +25 Skills up to 237 Huntable Weapons, Set & Accessories [ Same of donators\' items ] Club War every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 7:00pm Tyranny War Enabled - SPP Map Royal Rumble Event Club Death Match Event Boss Event Saint Research Map St. Power Plant Map Mutant Maps Death Prison Maps Item Link Skill Effects Non-donor vs Donator possible. [Best item stats & Combo] Max Level Reward: +25 Wings of Choice +1000Attack +500Def Referral Event Reward: +25

Authentic Ran Shaper Class

server with shaper class in a highrate gameplay and regen based,, come and feel the massive war,

Kaio-Ran Online Episode 9

Kaio-Ran Online 247 Dedicated Server - Episode 9 - 24/7 BTG Activated - Complete Skills 217,227 & 237 - Unlock Skills - No over-power items and Skills - Relic , Unique and Many More Cool Items Can be Hunt - Donor and Non Donor in CW are Equal - Come and Join US!

Pysche Ran Online

PSYCHE RAN ! WEBSITE : http://psyche-ran.com/ PSYCHE RAN CLASSIC???? ????4 CLASS CHARACTERS???? ( For PC Game Only ) ?Its never too late who you might have been!? ?Classic Gameplay!? Nag hahanap ka ba ng server na Pwedeng? ????Solo/Party Gamer ? ????Mahilig mag Farm? ????Mahilig mag benta ng Gold? ????Mahilig mag benta ng Refines? ????Balance Server? ????Ayaw ng may premium services na server? ????Ayaw ng patay market system? ????Gusto ng Upgrade your OWN? ????Hunt your own? ????May Thrill na laro? ????Eto na ang hinahanap mo!???? ????Max level 195! ????Last skill 157! ????Classic Gameplay! ??

Asterisk Ran Online

Asterisk RAN Official - Episode 10 - 9 Class - Max Level 300 - Skills up to 297(Free)- No Reborn - Regen Base - Fast Paced Gaming - Hunt your Own Items - CW, SW, CDM, Tyranny with Rewards - Daily Suryun / Dungeons -Server - Item Type/Build (Hitrate, Defence, Attack, etc) more info/gameplay just visit our website..


NEWLY UP SERVER! Freebies: Perma +9 set and +9 weapon (POW DEX INT) Join us now! 5mins cap level 127 Max Skills 150 Max Level +9 MAX UPGRADE Tyranny every 3 hrs CW everyday 8-9PM PH time

Ran Agony

Reponsible GM\'s, Friendly Community, 24/7 Online, No Lag, Cheap Donations 30 max reborns. High Rates, Join Us!

NewD Ran Online Ep6 Season 2 No Donation

NewD,NewD RAN,NewD,RANONLINE No Donation,NewD RAN private server No Donation,NewD EPX

Savage Ran Classic

4Class Balanced Gameplay. 175 max level. 101% NO CHEAT ALLOWED!. Friendly admin and beautiful events every month! so come and join us!

Crypto Ran - Classic International

EP7 Classic 4 class ==== Lv.210 max level ==== L.167 skill last skill ==== With attack speed / movespeed increase ==== crafting ==== pure hunt==== tyranny==== no donate item==== no donate rv==== no donate item==== voting system==== redeem gametime to get vp / ep ==== COME AND JOIN US !!!~~


VEGARAN 5 SEASON - We Different With Others Ran Online , Balance Gaming Experience ,Ep 9 Feature, Pk King-individual war , Club War with Conquer 3 Castle , Last Man Standing ,Many Event| Unique Skill, Unique Item,24/7 Online Server| Easy Leveling - Come Join Us if you are Pro Killer

Aeon Ran Online

9 Character Class, Babyran Gameplay, Update User Interface, MANY MORE COME AND JOIN US.


Welcome to xSourire International EP10! No Donate Server! Farm Base & Hunt Base Server! Come! Trust us! Join us!

BabyBossRan Online

BabyBossran Gameplay,Well Balanced Gameplay • 24/7 Online• Active Admin•Royal Rumble•School Wars•Right clickWear/Unwear•item Link•Announce upgrading when Using Fineburr / Lux• Club Wars Everyday • Combo Based Server• Freebies included upon creation• Friendly Community Server• Game-time to EP• Long Time Server• Pk Streak Enabled• Voting system every 12 hours• Server Maintained