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XileROOS : XileRO2k7 Replica : 3v3/CTF : Dedicated Super Server : 24/7 UpTime : OS No-Op Server : LDS Best Set : GoGo


German / English Server High-Rate Server New Server it will be on maintance and finished the next days

XenomorphRO 3rd job

High Rate Server, 3rd Job, Pre-Renewal, Modified 3rd Job Skill Damage & Cooldown, PVP and Hunt Server, Easy Quest, Vote For Points, Friendly Community, Auto Woe Reward!!, NO GOD Item, NO Imba Item, No GM Bias, Balance & Stable Server, And a lot more.,

Cygnal Ragnarok Online

• Cygnal Ragnarok Online • • Fresh Server • Long Term Server • • GePard Shield Protected and Advanced DDOS Protection • • Ready PvP / WoE Freebies • • Decent enough to go hunting or pvp • FacebookPage: http://tinyurl.com/zm5r45a FacebookGroup: http://tinyurl.com/ztpunwu Website: http://tinyurl.com/zzqdmag Register: http://tinyurl.com/z3ecct3 Downloadables: http://tinyurl.com/zfbrmbj • Server Information • :like: PK Field Server :like: Farm Quest Server :like: Economic Server :like: 24/7 Uptime Auto BackUp Server :like: Frost Server :like: Delay ?. No Need Reduce Ca


7k/6k/200 • max lvl 175/70 • questable/votable donations • newbie packs • Fresh new server, no wipes, stable • PVP • tons of great looking original items • friendly community • challenging raids • Ton of custom item • helpful GMs

Apple Ragnarok Online

Apple RO - Opening October 16 - Rates 10x10x5x - Lv. 99/70 - Pre-Re - Episode 13.3 - Battleground - Unique quests - Warper - Healer - Job Master - Events - Active Staff - Free to Play - Unique systems - Unique Reward System - Sealed Shrine - Orc Instance - Endless Tower - Home rental system - Gepard Shield - We will wait for you.

Wyrd Online

Wyrd Online is a French Renewal Low Rates (3/3/3) server with enhanced PK Mode (customized from source). As we were playing RO way before the rebirth, we are trying to gather Renewal new stuffs with a good old-fashioned gameplay. Plus, a lot of efforts have been done to develop a complete new user experience on the website, allowing players to interact each other and with the server itself ! Give it a try, it\'s free (Uh and also, pay2win is banned on Wyrd :p) !

Breezy Ragnarok Online

Breezy Ragnarok Online

Excellence Ragnarok

[ Excellence Ragnarok ] Official Opening Beta 25 february { RENEWAL } Kagerou& Rebellion Included -Max Lv : 175/60 -Max status :120 -Attack speed :193 -Rate: 1200/800/1000 -Brand new Race System& Uniformed Mastery ( costume) -Mvp 0.20% Normal 10% -Balance Server -No BOT Allowed : Hunt, Buff ,ETC - GVG 1 A Week No Drop But Rewards! -Harmony : SOON -Many Events , Super Active GM ! -Hat Makers , NPC Costum Items etc Excellence Ragnarok? Beyond Perfect Freebies and Guild Migration Check website Hope you Join with excellence Ragnarok!

Vote Ragnarok Online

Some description goes here..

Intense Ragnarok Online

Top notch mid-rate server 150x/150x with Third Jobs, No custom OP Donation Gear, Helpful GM and Police Team, Friendly Community


25/25/10 (0.02% mvp cards) 175/60 cap, RENEWAL, Renewal drop table removed. REBELLION, 3rd job/trans WoE/PVP/BG, Quest boards to 175, delightful and experienced GMs. Costume any hat, Refer a friend!

Free2Play Asia

Welcome to FREE2PLAY Asia!!! We offer 10ms - 60ms low latency (DDOS Protected) for Asia Players, dedicated to offer CLASSIC Low Rate (2x - 3x) FREE to play nostalgic Ragnarok Online experience. Sweet offsite data backup is done every 3 hours to ensure safety of your account.

Cosmos Ragnarok Online

Renewal Custom : Rates 75x/75x/25x : Max Level 175/70 [3rdJob] : Max Status 255 : Max ASPD 194 : Balancing System : Daily Reward System : Super Friendly GM\'s : Growing Community : Newbie Care

No Mercy RO

German P Server Gaming Community! 3 RO Servers: lowrate 5/5/5 L99/70 Pre-Renewal. midrate 50/50/50 L175 Renewal. highrate 5k/5k/1k L999 Renewal. 24/7 Uptime German/English Support! Visit Our Site for more Infos

Ragnarok Sakray Classic

Play Ragnarok Classic Play 2003 Nostalgic gameplay with a rates of 3/3/3 and maximum level of 99/50 Episode 40 - war of emperium

Loki PH RO

Loki PH RO is Philippine Ragnarok Server


Talented Kba? Magaling kaba mag build at Mag Switching ? Tra na d2 .. Kailangan ka pla nila Anti WPE RPE Protection Hidden Game Guard! First 50 player can get complete freebies!! Ready to pvp and WOE item! Fresh Reopenend Server Free Donate Headgear Set Upper/Mid/Lower depending on your job! Why don\'t you Register an Account and Download the Client? We\'d be very happy to have you! Guild Pack? Breaker Pack? Member pack? can be bought on NPC no need to wait for GM. -------------------- Server information -------------------- FARM SERVER Max Level: 255/100 Max Stats: 255 Trans Attack Speed:196

GroundZero Ragnarok Online PvP WoE Server

The GroundZero Ragnarok Online Server Old Fashion Style Items ! Semi Ready to Pvp/Woe Freebies Looking for fresh server. that you don\'t want ugly wings ?. no 3d items ?. No Pay 2 Win ?. well this is it ! . come and join us ?? Extreme DDOS Protection ?? Gepard Shield 2.0 ?? No macro/autopots/xrag/rpe/wpe/ndl ?? Default Soul Link ?? Agi Based Server ?? 0.5 Second Delay on Yggdrasil Berry ?? 1 Handed Bows & Guns / Unlimited Ammo ?? Balanced Asura Strike Damage ?? Lots of Automated Events

Light Ragnarok Online

24/7 Server Uptime 99/70 Trans Job Unfro Server Yearly Contract Server Custom items with Effects Buyable PvP Items MVP Boss Cards Cheap Donation Solo Package Guild Package Race to 99 NPC Hourly Points = TCG Job Changer NPC Warper NPC Rental NPC More Events & Games No SpoonFeeding No Bias Game Master No Wipe Out or Roll Back Balanced Custom Item Balanced Guild Competition Quest Items Based By RMS Base/Job/Item = x30/x30/x10


Rates: 1k/1k/Modified || Max Level: 99/70 || Pre-Renewal || Quest Based || Unlimited Rebirth System || PvP Happy Hour || BG 2.0 || Over 120 Costumes || Over 100+ Custom Aura || Gepard Shield

Fusion Ragnarok Online

Rates: 50x/50x/50x - MaxLevel: 99/70 - Stable/Server/Balanced - No Wipes - Episode XV - Great GMs And Players - Everyday Woe - Farming And Quest Server - Classic Upto Transcendent Class Job - Most Close To Official Pre-Renewal Gaming

Ragnarok Online Manila

High Rate Server 5k/5k/1k/MVP20%/Normal50%, 500++ custom items. Transcendant Jobs. Balanced economy/jobs/market. Automated events, Daily GM Events. Full Quest Items. PvP Ladder, MvP Ladder. Gold Room. Balanced WoE System.

Midgard Chronicles

150/150/40/30/20! Great customization, friendly community, reliable staff willing to listen! Join today!


ragnarok pisisro les invita a conoserlo rates 10/10/5 npcs warpet job master reset anunciador de party y muchos mas cartas 0.10 mvp 0.01 vengan y conoscanos

Ocean Ragnarok Online

Server Information •Pre-Renewal • Ddos Protection • Rates 30000x/30000x/Modifield • Trans Classes • Max Level: 99 • Max Job: 70 • Max Aspd: 190 • Max Stats: 99 • Equipment Drop: 30% • Normal Card Drop: 10% • Mini Boss Card Drop : 5% • MVP Card Drop: 5%


Exp: x30 Job: x30 Drop: x30 Level: 99/70 Transcent Job Hourly TCG Ticket[Vending Off] Prontera Vending Area Only Nameless Episode Guild Package Woe Activate Custom TCG NPC No Bias GM No Dual Login


DekadaRO [PRE-RE PvP & WoE Oriented]

EP 13.2 :: Rates 2k/2k/35% :: MaxLevel 99/70 :: Gepard Shield :: Hourly Login :: Automated Events :: Seasonal WoE and GvG Tournament :: No Boss & Mini Boss Cards :: No Godly Items :: Donate Items can be obtained from Quest and Hunting Missions

9 Ether Ro

Basic Information: Rates: 85k / 85k / 100k MVP Card Drop: 8% Max Level: 255 / 70 Max Stats: 225 Max Aspd: 199 Custom Server Features: Renewal System: Yes (3rd Job; include Kagerou/Oboro/Rebellion) Main Town: Prontera Instant Cast: 150 Dex No Skill Cast Delay: Yes Arrow Decrement: No NPCs: Bonus-Day Gold Room Market-Malls MVP Room PVP Room Monster Arena Universal Platinum Skill, etc ? Many more to come.


A stable super high rate server that\'s been running for over 3 years without a single wipe or rollback. With plenty of great features and an active staff, we\'ll do everything we can to make sure you enjoy your stay! Max Level: 500/200 - Rates: 50k/50k/10k

Fenrir Ragnarok Online

Fenrir Ragnarok Online Balance and Fresh Server STARTED JUNE 04, 2016 NO Dual Client NO DONATE ITEM (From the time being) Main Town: Prontera Rates: 70/70/20% Server Set-up: Pre Renewal Class: Trans Classes Only Approachable GMs Cool Costumes Approachable GMs Max lvl: 99 Max Job: 70 Max ASPD: 190 Max Stats: 99 Normal Card Drop 1% No MVP Card Special Features: Cash Points (Cash Shop) Gym Pass Large Variety of Hair Style, Hair Color, Cloth Color Emperium Break Test AND MANY MORE. JOIN US NOW! ?Website http://fenrir.ro-online.net/?module=main ?Installer http://www.mediafire.com/…/bkjep…/Fenr

iPlay Ragnarok Online

iPlay Ragnarok Online - Low Rate - BaseJob - 99/70w - Max Stats 99 - Aspd 196 - Trans Job only - Item Drop Rate 5% - Normal Card Drop Rate 3% - Boss Card DISABLE - WoE & PvP Daily Active - Story-line Quest - Automated & Daily Events - Frequent high-quality updates - Active GMs that care & listen.

Nevryne Ragnarok Online

50x/50x/20x • Max Level 99/70 • Pre-Renewal • Ep 13.2 • Transcendent Class • Low latency for Asia Players • Classic Drops & Skill Mechanics • Unique Reward System • Active Battlegrounds & WoE • Active GM\'s • 500+ ONLINE • Tons of unique features •

Iris Ragnarok Online

» Episode 13.2 Encounter Against the Unknown » Pre-Renewal Server » Transcendent Job & Extended Jobs » Server Rates: 25x/25x/10x » Mini Boss Cards: DISABLED » MVP Cards DISABLED » Balanced Gameplay » Playtime System » V4P System » Custom Quest (Headgears) » Multiple Client: Disabled

Oroza Ragnarok Online

Pre-Renewal, Rates 50x/50x/10x , Cartas 0.50% y MvP 0.05%, Un servidor a la antigua pero Actualizado,Old School , PACK DE BIENVENIDA, GUILD PACK, GARANTIA ONLINE , NO 3er Jobs, 0 Corrupcion, Staff con experiencia, QUE ESPERAS? INICIA ESTA NUEVA AVENTURA!

Bad Dragon Ro

Wir sind ein Deutscher HR Server. Bei uns gibt es viele Custom Items und, Quests und Monster. Donate Items gibt es allerdings keine. Es gibt bei uns nichts für echtes Geld und auch kein VIP System. Wir gehen auf Wünsche der Spieler ein, wenn diese zu unserem Konzept passem. Schaut doch einfach vorbei und macht euch selber ein Bild.


Here at RebornRO, we plan to bring players a nostalgic trip back into the world of Ragnarok Online. We, the staff of Reborn Ragnarok Online are commited to bring a classic yet stable environment, bug and hack-free experience to our players.


fdRO is a Midrate Pre-RE RO server, suitable for those who wants to feel the good \'old times\' again~ Come and join us!

LosT-RO - Ragnarok Online

Rates: 50x50x,Nível máximo: 99/70,Atributos máx: 99,ASPD máxima: 190,Drops equipamentos gerais: 10%, Drop de Cartas Normais: 0,50%,Drops equipamentos de MVP: 0,80%,Drops de cartas MVP/Mini-Boss: 0,01%,COMANDOS @go - Teleporta para cidades.@at - Deixa mercador vender itens offline.@storage - Abre o armazém.@autoloot - Todos os itens obtidos diretamente no inventario.@commands - Mostra todos os comandos disponíveis.@noks - Protege contra KS em monstros.

Jeth Ragnarok Online

This server is not for pussies! Trans 99/70 Base/Job 400x Card 150x MVP Cards Enabled gods Enabled

Ragnarok Future Past

Rates - 50x/50x/50x . Max Lvl - 99/70 . Pre-Re . 2-2 Job - Trans Class . Classic Job change Quest, VIP System , Own Story Quest . Ring-O Security . Server in SG - DDOS Protected .


Newly opened on December 2015. 5/5/5 renewal rates. Custom quests for wings and headgear. World of Warcraft\'s \"Capture the Flag.\" Event coin system. Disguise event. Endless tower. Custom battlegrounds. Poring catcher and race. MvP and PvP ladders. Lots of dye palettes and hairstyles. Kagerou/oboro and rebellion classes. Join today!

Cygnal Ragnarok Online

October 8, 2016 Grand Opening BASIC INFORMATION • Episode 13.2 Encounter With the Unknown • Server Rates: x25 Base & Job Exp • Drop Rate: x5 (Equips/Usables/Healing/Common) • Card Drop Rate: .3% • MvP Drop Rate: x1 • Mini-Boss Drop Rate: x1 • Max Base Level: 99 • Max Job Level: 70 • Max Stats: 99 • Max Aspd: 190 • Instant Cast: 150 Dex

Amatsu Ragnarok Online

I miss RO 2002 , Old School 99/50 , 5x EXP , 5x DROPS . 3x CARDS . 1x MvP Drops . Gepard 2.0 Protected . Dedicated Server . Full Official Setup


**(STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION - BUT PLAYABLE)** [ExileRO]-Role Play - **BRAND NEW SERVER** Playable{Offline & Onliine} Episode 8 Rates 50000x/50000x/10000x Quest Exp: 25000x Max Base Lvl: 160 Max Job Lvl: 60 Max Stats: 200 -Third Jobs or Higher -HealerSkill -ResetterStat Resetter Many more

New Chaos Server

Grand Opening May 27, 2016 | 5x/5x/3x | 99/70 | Pre-Renewal | Ep 13.2 | No Custom Items | Deviling, GR and All MvP Cards Disabled | No BG and God Items

How I Beat Baphomet

3rd Jobs. Renewal System. Constantly Updated. Friendly Community.