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Renewal • 20/20/10 • 175/60 • Synthesize Any Hat! • Unique VIP System • Rebellion/Kagerou/Oboro • WoE & BG • Custom & Official Headgear Quests • Automated Events • Refer a Friend! • Daily Login Rewards!

Rare Ragnarok Online

RareRO! Site: rarero.net! FIVE YEARS OLD - NO WIPE EVER SINCE! PK PRIVATE HR SERVERRates: 255/120 - 10k/10k/5k Harmony Protected! You are safe 24/7! Rare Ragnarok Online is a Private High Rate Server With 3rd Jobs, Costume System, Renewal Maps, Customs, Active PvP and Competitive 3rd, Trans & Second Baby job WoE and many more! Custom Maps, Items & Mobs.Custom Costume & Mount System Balanced Donations & Quest Items! GM Hosted & Forum Events!Double Rates Every Weekend, Saturday & Sunday.

Reborn Ragnarok Online

Here at RebornRO, we plan to bring players a nostalgic trip back into the world of Ragnarok Online. We, the staff of Reborn Ragnarok Online are commited to bring a classic yet stable environment, bug and hack-free experience to our players.

Uprising-Ragnarok Online

Looking for something to enjoy this coming Christmas Break? Uprising Ragnarok Online will Launch on Dec 10, 2016. We understand that you don\'t have enough spare time to complete your cards/gears before joining PVP/WoE and for that reason we will be giving a Basic Ready to PVP Freebies compounded with basic MVP Cards. So you guys can focus on hunting berries and go all out in PVP Room. Spread the word! Peace!!

Ascension RO

Rates: 200x/200x/45x 15% Normal / 5% MvP Cards - MaxLvl: 120/90 - Pre-Renewal Mechanics [No Third Jobs] - Custom Main Town, Fields and Dungeon - PvP and Hunting Server - Friendly GMs- Balanced Items/Gameplay - No Lag/Delay - 24/7 Online - Experience a Mid Rate server like no other

Fate Ragnarok Online

Renewal 3rd Jobs server; Rates: 100x/100x/30x; Max level: 175/60; Max stats: 130; Max aspd: 196;Dex No cast: 110


15x/15x/10x (MVP/Boss Card 0.01%) - Quest Exp 5x - Card Remover sin Riesgo - Slot Succes Rate x2 – Armor Enchant sin Riesgo +3 (Stat a Elegir) - No items custom - No Pay to Win - Gepard Shield - La beta finalizó el 02 de Mayo del 2015 - El diseño web del Control Panel sigue en desarrollo - El host está prepagado para asegurar a los usuarios que el server no va a cerrar.


10/10/5, max level 99, pre-renewal, constant uptime - no wipes EVER! Features content up to Episode 14.1 + many customizations, seasonal events, and friendly staff!

Ragaholic Rangarok Online

Welcome to ragaholic ragnarok online Server Information: Max lvl 99/70 (Free max lvl NPC & Job Change NPC) Boss Drop Rates 3% Normal Drop Rates 6%


SERVIDOR SEM FINS LUCRATIVOS 500X/500X/25% 175/90 TransClasseEventos Automaticos,rops dropado em eventosBGDSMaquina de brinquedostorre sem fim entre outros entra e confira.Atualização semanal


Aincrad-ro open Beta Ramod,harmony,items Custom MidRate 255/120 10k/10/10k Info web


International Classic Server

=FEATURES= Server Information Classic 99/50 Pre - renewal. No Trans, no 3rd job Current Episode: Episode 16 Terra Gloria Max Base Level : 99 Max Job Level : 50 Max Stats: 99 Guild Capacity: 56/56 Classic Mob Spawn and Drops Classic Skill Mechanics Classic Job Changer Available Jobs Only : 2-1 and 2-2 class Server Features DDOS PROTECTED SERVER Dual Account Enabled (For better leveling and Vending) 20% Bonus Exp with atleast 5 party members Leveling Woe with zeny and Supply Prizes. Woe Schedule: Normal(Mon-Wed-Fri)/(Special)Sat-Sun NPC: Rare Gears/Zeny to Coins Hunting Mission System Hour

Radiant Ragnarok Online

Radiant Ragnarok Online is a free to play Ragnarok Online private server! The server features pre-renewal (Transcendent Classes). We are up to date. We have many automated and GM run events. Our promise to you is to deliver the most preferred player experience in any form possible! We are Gepard shield protected! There is absolutely no need to pay for via donation. Everything can be obtained in game through quest or event.

Silantra Ragnarok

SILANTRA RAGNAROK ONLINE is a private server ragnarok game.Max Level 255 Custom Pokemon Pet,Custom Weapon For All Job Max Stats 255 Max Aspd 196 Ready to PVP And Woe Server

Play Ragnarok 2004

Ragnarok 2004 is a classic server which will be reviving and will bring you the feeling and experience of the old times of Ragnarok Online.


Rates: 75x/75x/50x PRE-RE Cards MVP/miniBoss at 1x Max level: 175/70 WoE 1.0 and 2.0 More info: http://goo.gl/nhlck8


150x 150x 50x 1x boss card Mid-rate , 99/70 max lvls 99 max stats Hourly and very regular events No Custom No overpowered donate items


THEOS RAGNAROK ONLINE is a private server ragnarok game which has the renewal client (no 3rd job) with pre re mechanics. Our server is a farming/pvp/ woe server with 255/120 max level. We have 150k/150k/100k/50k server rates. MVP cards 2% and 80% normal card drop rate.

Himura Ro PvP

WeLCoMe To Himura RO CoMe Join New Server Register And Download Now. Balance For Server. himura-ro.no-ip.org

Vox Ragnarok Online Server

2ND JOBS Only Base Level EXP : 10000k Job Level EXP : 10000k Max Base Level : 254 Max Job Level : 120 Max Stats : 200 Max ASPD : 195 Features : Protected by Gepard Starter NPC for ALL Daily WOE + 1 Day Special WOE(Random Day Special Reward) Daily KOE (10pm -11pm) Custom PVP Room Custom item can be obtained through Farm And Event Daily Events (Daily Automated & Hourly)... Come Join Us !!!...

RoyalRO - Become a part of the story

5x 5x 3x 1x Quests Exp Max Lv: 99/70 Pre-Renewall Episode 13.2 no 3rd Job very balanced and farmable Donation\'s! Achivements @request-Support-System Daily selectable Events over 80 Monster Kill-Quests Share 20 LVL

Net Ragnarok Online

100x/100x/20x New Server. Unique Systems - FIshing, mining, woodcutting. crafting, treasure maps, custom battleground and WOE. Friendly community. We are growing!


Servidor Hispano, orientado a lo Old School con un toque para la competitividad dentro del mismo, manteniendo un balance en todos los jobs. Hay Transferencias de Guild/Individuales/Especiales pasa por nuestro foro para informarte de mas.