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nyanRO is a Midrate-Server with balanced and bugfree 3rd classes. We\'re using the ragRE Client without the ragRE Skill- & Stat- system. Our cast system is adapted from pre-RE to work with 3rd classes. We hope you\'ll enjoy the balance since we\'ve worked for more then two years with 3rd Classes now.
Harmony RO - Deva
Midrate 25x 25x 10x - Keine Donates - Renewal 16.1 - Doram und Rebellion - Achievement System
Harmony RO - Deine Ragnarok Online Community
Neue deutsche Ragnarok Online Community ~ 3x 3x 3x Rates ~ Klassisches Renewal ~ Keine Donates
Infernus Firefly Ragnarok
Back to The Roots Hellraiser Ragnarok Rates: 3000 3000 100 Level 255 99 Maxstats 255 NPCs Hellraiser PVP Arena,DB Arena,MVP Arena, Housing,uvm Implented the Gods System from good old Hellraiser gods spawn on Maps Goodlikes for moment we implent many new from the old basic so give us a bit time Welcome and Join us
Cian Ragnarok Online
*BRANDNEW* 50/50/10 - Renewal 15.2 - Cian aims to deliver a new Ragnarok Experience, while staying close to the official essence. We would like to invite you to experience our smooth instance system and fun additions that makes this server feel welcome for both new and veteran players. Trust in us!

RO Private Servers 6-19

European Ragnarok Online
Wir versuchen wieder für alle deutschen Spieler ein angenehmes Ragnarök Online vergnügen zu erschaffen. Derzeit wird noch viel Übersetzt, jedoch ist es vollständig spielbar. Wir freuen uns auf jeden neuen Spieler und Helfer, der uns gerne beim weiteren Aufbau un Betrieb unterstützt. 2 Char 2 Map 1 LoginServer Yggdrasil Low-Rate Server Odin Mid-Rate Server
ArtemisRO v2
Welcome to ArtemisRO V2! We offer you two separate factions with your own storyline and many daily quests. Each faction has its own special items and history. Council 125/125/50 and MVP 5/5/3. Daily automatic events etc. Stable & Lagfree!
Renewal Mid Rate