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Epic Perfect World

Full Eclipse Expansion - The most popular international server - Over 5 years of professional development - Nation Wars, active PvP, custom events - High rates with level 150 cap - Biggest fashion collection for free - Join our great community

QuestersWorld 153

Questers is back and better than ever with new server! 1.5.3 Eclipse version with all 12 classes! Max level 150 Custom mounts/pets/flyers/fashion/events/quests and more! Come play the ONLY drama-free, Play-to Win, Quest to Level, 1.5.3 server with nice friendly community. Live support. Active GM & weekly updates with new stuff! Facebook: QuestersWorld Come join our family!

Perfect World Storm

Perfect World Storm is a 153 server - Server timezone is USA - EXP and SP rate is x500 - Fast Leveling - Same gender marriage available - Plenty of events - Custom gear - titles - fashion - pets - genies plus much more - PwStorm Devs have 5 years of PW development and 10 years worth of PW gameplay

PwE Vision 155 Full ELYSIUM

Full 155 Full ELYSIUM patch! HOUSING and VIP system. New Weapons and Gear, Start lvl 100 - Cross server Nation Wars Fight with other servers, FREE Cubi every hour when you play or stay online AND when you vote XP/SP X2 Gold/Drop X3 - 8+ Years

Perfect World Rebellion

FULL 1,5,1, New Horizons, Custom mobs with boutique item drops, Free Cubi for voting, monthly quiz to win 4000 free cubi, Raised Exp in RoR, Blue/White name enabled, Many PWR items, Join now and make your mark ,Max lvl 150, Rebirth and Pet Evolution, Low Rate Private Server

LMS Perfect World - New PvP Server and PvE server

New 1.5.1 PvP server with classic races! and 151 PvE Server with latest + custom content, Start with free gears. Custom quests, donation money in drops! Professionaly hosted since 2008, Oldest PW server, Great community, Free Cubi!

Perfect World Frostburn

[NEW RATES] 153 Full War Front - Mid rates (10x), New classes, Full PvP, Max lvl 105 + 2 reawakenings - PLAY TO GAIN: Vote for Gold + Online Gold + Custom NPC Shop with boutique items through quest and event rewards - Custom balance modifications - Active GMs, quick support and professional development

DarkLight Eclipse

Serveur français Perfect World [PVE-PVP] - Versions: 1.5.3 Eclipse. Montures, aéronef, fashion, instances, world boss et titres custom. Zone pour exp, évènements fréquent tout les weekend avec staff actif. Rejoignez vous aussi, l\'aventure DarkLight Eclipse!

155 Full Eclipse Balanced PK

The most Balanced 5aps/instant cast server YOU ever played with tons of fashions/mounts/pets/flights friendly and mature gm No op donations and active PK.


Our team consists of professionals who love their job sincerely and anxiously relating to their duties. We are glad to see you in our game and we will try to do everything, what would you have been interesting and comfortable to play on this server. Have a good game!

PW Nostalgia 136

[HIGH RATE 1.3.6 PVP Server!][FPW-LIKE][Start lvl 100][XP:150 SP:150 Coins:100 Drop:50][Max lvl 120][Start with 3rd fairy][PVP][EndGame farmable in World map][No OP custom gear][NV/WS/TT/Lunar is endgame]

Rage Perfect World

1.5.5 Expansion - War Front with Primal skills & Star chart - Rank 9 R3 with basic NW gears with no customizations - NO DONATION GEARS included - Real time PvP, Automated Systems and more - professional development behind us.

[Orizon-Gaming] [Perfect World] [PVP-E]

[Orizon Perfect World] - [Elysium Patch] - [1.5.5]-[New Nightshade Classes]-[LVL 105 Cap] - [Good Starter Pack] - [PWI Retail R9R3 Gears-Pots-2 Rebirth-s+ Avatar Cards] - [High Rate] - [Daily Updates- Large amount of Fashion/Mounts/Pets/Flyers] - [Masive Open World PVP-Territory Wars-Nation Wars]

AbyssWars 154 Eclipse PLAYtoWIN

[New Play to Win system Everything can be gained by normal gameplay][LOTS Of Freebies When Join][12 Classes][Medium Rates][Original Settings][Max LvL 105][Vote Rewards in Gold][Easy Gold in Game][Custom Fashion][NationWar & Sunset Valley with Nice ST Rewards][INSTANT SUPPORT]

Perfect World Classic

Servidor estará Online 07/05 As 20 Horas. Vamos divulgar o servidor! esta pronto 100% Set Super equilibrado! Temos Anti Hacker 100% (Todo tipo de Hacker ou Auxilio Vai tomar Ban PERMANENTE Independente dos itens que você conter no char!) Servidor Semi-Casting (Bug Casting necessita de Skill) 3 Tipos de Armaduras / Armas - Up 1 - Up 2 - Up3. Temos eventos Diários! Login Premiado! (Login Premiado todo Dia!) Painel no Site. (Todo Donate que o pagamento for concluído será enviado no mesmo momento para sua conta do jogo.) Tw Funcionando! !AVISO IMPORTANTE! - Não bancamos Clãs e não Fare

Revolution Perfect World

Active server with active staff. Top level 500, no overpowered donations.

Perfect World Server

FULL 1,5,1, New Horizons, Custom mobs with boutique item drops, Free Cubi for voting, monthly quiz to win 4000 free cubi, Raised Exp in RoR, Blue/White name enabled, Many PWR items, Join now and make your mark ,Max lvl 150, Rebirth and Pet Evolution, Low Rate Private Server

Empire Perfect World New Horizons

Empire Perfect World Full Version 1.5.1, New Horizons, Rates: Exp. x4, Drop x8, Gold: 200, SP: 150, Level Cap: 150. New Features, Custom content, Helpful Team, PvP System, Everyday events, New quests, new races. Join now

FlamesOfLegend 154 FULL ECLIPSE

[NEW Race,Classes][NEW Maps,Skills] [FREE Packs,9th Culti,Blessings][Cross Server NationWar Sunset Valley with BIG ST Rewards][Nation King System][EXP:200x][SP/DROP:100x][Money:150x][Max LvL 105][Original Settings][Vote Rewards in Gold][Easy to get Gold in Game][Custom Fashions][INSTANT SUPPORT]

Perfect World Celestia

Perfect World Celestia - The Newest International 1.5.3 Private Server ! High Rates with 150 Level Cap - Easy to Gear - NO PAY TO WIN - Friendly Community - ACTIVE GM\'s and MANY MORE SURPRISES TO COME ! JOIN OUR COMMUNITY TODAY !

Nexus Perfect World

High rate PvP and PvE server with active GMs and lvl 150 as cap, no Rebirth necessary - Full Horizons Expansion, Nation Wars and daily Events - Custom Gears and all rare battle pets with evolution for Venos

Frozen PW - Eclipse Patch

Frozen PW Server with Eclipse patch, Rates: Exp. x4, Drop x8, Gold: 200, SP: 150, Level Cap: 150. Active Staff and community, PvP-PvE Mode, daily events, system with Reawakening mode, New Race, Classes and Skills. Join now

Perfect World Private Server

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Zantradi World Perfect World Private Server

New Perfect World Private server Zantradi World lots of custom things.New g17 armors.

Battle Zone Perfect World



•RawrPW• •Mid-Rate• •Stable• •Balanced• •1.4.4 Genesis Server• •10 classes••Knowledgable, Friendly and Helpful GMs• •Smooth Gameplay• •Brilliant Community•

Perfect World Mafia

151 Retail Rank 9 3rd Cast Gears with some Custom channeling and APS, Full PvP Server Ready for PK in less than 20 minute FREE END GAME GEARS 152 Custom Interface Brand New Fast Growing Server with dedicated GMs

Sifon PW

Perfect World private server, all quests, Nirvana armor, Warsoul Weapons, Warsong Ornaments, Cube, New Maps, PK, Rank Armor, Nirvana Weapons, Tokens, Lucky Packs, Fashion, Mounts, Tideborn Weapons, 119 skills, All instances open, Manufacturing, Events and Fun.

In-Game Perfect World

Perfect World 1.5.1 Server hosted on dedicated machine. No lag / No Downtimes / Rates XP: 5x / Drop: 2x / Sp: 3x / Money: 7x / New Races / New Quests / Double rates every weekend / Clean low XP play.


RUSSIA Perfect World SERVER 10000x, Sea bonuses, responsive administration, the daily opening event, gold once a day,

Perfect World Classic

Perfect World Classic - Private Server. Rates Exp: x15 Sp: x10 Gold: x5 Drop: x3 Level Cap: 105. All original content, true replica of the past...



Perfect World Private

Ayo Bantu Vote Bier Mimin Semangat Buat update Perfect World Private Server Terbaru hanya untuk kalian semua :)

Perfect World Scorpyus

Nosso servidor é um servidor low rate com as rates de Drop: 5x, Sp: 10x, Exp: 20x com level inicial lvl 1, com local de up 24 h na ilha alem de boss de cultivos espalhados pelo mapa do jogo e boss exclusivos de nosso servidor que dropam itens para forjas de sets.


Attention!!!! Our server on the end started that, 100x EXP 100x SP 100x GOLD, cubi at auction. On our server all caves from 19 to 79 are started, in the fast I will start still. Also at us is, the City of Dark Animals, the Palace of the Tsar of the Dragon, Territorial wars, Cubi at auction.

MysticalPW 153 international

[153 Full Eclipse][Instacast and 5APS][New Race,Classes][Lots Of New Stuff][Free Starter Gear][Medium EXP/SP/Drop Rates][Custom Settings][Max LvL 150][Full Gold][Easy to get Gold in Game][Custom Fashions][NationWar,SunsetValley with Nice ST Rewards][Nation King][INSTANT SUPPORT]


We are an English server PWI 1.5.1 New horizon ours advise regular events Costem are exp-2 / nox-3 / drop 2 and with Questen exp-2 / nox-3 / coinx2, nice and active ADM/GM events and Costen Items, Join us

NightRise Perfect World

Currently Working on 151 [NightRise Perfect World] the server will be live shortly just working out some bugs


New server 2012

Amivan PW

kull server go server Amivan PW kull