Tokyo's Farm - Relive past memories from SydneyMS [Version v62]


TokyoMS v62

Miss servers that offer a unique, custom and challenging playstyle? TokyoMS is for you.

We're in the process of closed beta testing to work and implement a few things here and there. If you'd like to apply for closed beta testing, please join out discord server:

We have a lot to offer, but we're going to start from scratch and slowly implement our features and build a community along the way. Although we're not a GMS-like server, we have some key features that are GMS alike, which inclues but not limited to quests, party quests, real gms like boats.

In addition, we are a server that will provide custom features such as rebirths, msi's and etc. But all for a challenging cost and price. We don't plan to spoonfeed. 

For the close beta and possibly the open BETA we will have adjusted rates and prices to get things in motion. Current adjusted rates are 750/4000/10, our projected rates are 400/2000/2 (still subject to change).

The reason meso rates are that high is because we are an economy based server, everything will revolve around our currency, the famous "chickens".

More to come, stay tuned! If you have any questions, concerns or are just curious to what we have in store, join our discord server:

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