EXP: 3x/Meso: 1x/Drop: 1x

Forge new adventures and discover a better way of playing MapleStory. You'll be able to experience what you've always wanted to experience from playing MapleStory with Rien. From Maple Island to the Temple of Time or even to the islands of Rien, play like you've never played before. 

Thrust yourself into a MapleStory world with your friends and fight to the top of the leaderboard.  With an already established background in private servers, the staff members know what they're doing and don't play any games when it comes to offering you the best experience you possibly can with Rien. The developers are always working on something with new features and bugfixes to bring you a smooth ride to Temple of Time so you can drive a stake into Pink Bean's chest. Or slashing off Horntail's tail, if you prefer. Or, showing off your latest hairstyle to your friends to become the Henesys King (or Queen!).

Featuring a custom HP system so that you don't have to worry about HP washing and you'll get all the HP you need as you level up with modified HP gain values. A custom reward system is in place to reward you just for playing! Quality of life improvements such as the removal of secondary stats on equips, and some revamped maps (like in Ludibrium), and even some new and modified scrolls! We also feature a Scroll Exchange System where you can trade in monster drops for scrolls! The Aran and Cygnus storylines are all there as well. We also have PQs at Rien, with Dojo, CWKPQ, R&J PQs and all the others! There's so much to explore with Rien.

Take a look at all of our features here: http://lumi.re/rienfeatures

Join Rien today. The world is waiting for you. 

P.S. We're new, so you'll shape the future of Rien with your suggestions. So be a part of the future!

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