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PurpleMS v62 [-Beta Phase-]
Official release will take place 30th June 2018!

[v62] [4x/3x/2x rates] [Beta Rewards at Level 50] [Transfer 15% of NX earned during beta to live server] [Rebalanced Skills] [250 Level Cap] [Working Boss Expeditions] [Reworked Boss Drops] [KPQ, CarnivalPQ LPQ, LMPQ, PPQ] [Reworked PQ rewards] [Ulu City/Lion Kings Castle] [Auto JQ] [INT no longer required to HP wash] Join our discord now! [-Hiring Developers-]

Server Rates:
EXP: 4x | DROP: 3x | MESO: 2x
Increased Level Cap:
Here at PurpleMS, we fully acknowledge the fact that v62 GMS seriously lacks any form of end-game content. We have decided and are fully prepared to change that by adding a plethora of new Zones, Quests, Party Quests and Bosses. To compliment this, we have increased the level cap from level 200 to level 250. As of right now we have added Ulu City and Lion King's Castle however we have plans to add Temple of Time, Ninja Castle and many other zones from newer MapleStory - including the major bosses that come with them!
HP Washing:
Permanent HP and MP potions have been added to our cash shop for the price of 3100 cash! Use these instead to gain additional Permanent HP or MP instead of raising int and using the original HP washing method.
Working Party Quests:
KerningPQ, Monster Carnival, LudibriumPQ, LudiMazePQ, PiratePQ are all of our working PQs thus far. Many of which have received custom reward reworks to ensure that players always feel rewarded with items that have value. As an addition, every PQ no longer has an upper level cap; meaning you are able to PQ even up to level 250!
Working Bosses:
Our current list of working major bosses include; Zakum, Horntail and Krexel, each with a 2 per day entry limit. The drops from each boss have been tweaked to give the items more value in the market.
We have implemented Boss Quests (BQs) for Pianus, Papulatus and Capt. Latanica, all 3 of which have a 3 per day entry limit. The drops from each of the bosses have been customized to make them very important mid-game bosses!
New and Imported items:
PurpleMS contains various new and imported items available from versions such as v191. This includes the variants of the "Stonetooth Sword" for 2h axe, 2h bw and spears.
The Donor cash shop rewards are vast and include an enormous variety of cool and unique items that have been imported from all kinds of versions and regions of MapleStory.
Keep 15% of NX earned throughout beta!

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