MapleBeta v40b - A Nostalgic Maplestory experience


Project Beta / MapleBeta is a v0.40B Maplestory private server that was launched in late 2016 to under-go it's closed beta phase. The server was later wiped and released on 7-15-2017.

Project Beta / Maple Beta goal is to provide a 2005-2006 Maplestory experience with low rates,
challenging game-play and a very friendly and active community. With an average online player count of 40-50 players online and even at times reaching 100+, we are excited to move towards the future with GMS-like goals in mind.

This server is not a 'Pay To Win'. So players cannot gain any unfair advantages over anyone by donating. Everybody starts and ends on the same playing-field and you don't have to worry about markets getting saturated from bought gear.



1x Exp, Meso & Drop Rate.
GMS-like job advancements for 1st, 2nd & 3rd classes.
Quest are functional with Dialog tab(q)
All 1st through 3rd job skills working
Kerning City PQ + Bonus Stage is available from levels 21-35.
All transportation is GMS-like (e.g. boats to towns).
Player Shops
GMS-like drops
Cash Shop
and much more to meet all your nostalgic dreams!


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