FutureLegend - Version 50 - 1x Dynamic EXP - Social EXP Boosts


Welcome to FutureLegend
FutureLegend is a MapleStory private server project founded and created 6 years ago, at the end of 2012, and launched just recently on the 1st of February, 2018 after many beta sessions.
Our goal is to maximize the potential of the game in its old former glory, our private server is based on MapleStory version 0.50, which was released to the public in 2007.
Why are we basing this project on such a low version, you ask? It's quite simple.
We do not believe that adding new fancy overpowered jobs and making leveling easy is the way to improve this game.
we took the version when the game was in its peak of daily online players and popularity, and improved it in our own way, and to this project we call, Project FutureLegend Roleplay, where the past collides with a new and improved future.
Original Features
Please note that all of the new features and improvements made to the game and explained below are only in addition to the original game features, which are all fully emulated.
Unlike other servers, who release incomplete work with only the critical parts of the game working, we strive for perfection.
ALL features without exception that were originally part of the original Version.
0.50 MapleStory client are working fully, and that includes: Mini Games (Omok, Match Cards), Events (Coconut Harvest, Fitness Test, Snowball, OX quiz, and more), Transportation (boats, subways, planes), Hired MerchantsParty Quests (Kerning, Henesys, Ludi, Ludi Maze, Pirate, Orbis, Zakum Quest, and more), Original Drops, Quests and Job Advances (all are scripted), Holiday Events (Snowman & Snowflake machine on xmas, Thanksgiving), All Job Skills / Related featuresBosses, Cash Shop (fully working, all items are working, pets and etc) and everything else that you can recall from back in the day, everything is 100% functional.
But hold your breath, because that isn't all - It is only what we are based on.
We added a lot of items, maps, quests, hair / face styles and more from many different locales of the game, as much as we have seen fit, without damaging the difficult yet fun gaming experience of the MapleStory we all know and love, and they're all professionally added along with the monster drops and stabilizing needed to fit into this version.

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