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MapleRoyals - The Nostalgic MapleStory Server

No longer recognize today’s MapleStory as the one you played in the good old days? Try MapleRoyals! MapleRoyals offers a nostalgic experience, the way you remember it, with a large community where you can easily find your place. Whether it’s bossing, PQing, or grinding, you can enjoy it all again here as you did years ago! MapleRoyals has been continuously running for 4 years and counting with around 1,500 players at any given time!

V83 V62 NoPay2Win Nostalgic Low Rate

MapleLegends - Old School MapleStory [v62] [Mac compatible] [Challenging]

Remember when you made your first character – rolling the dice multiple times to get perfect stats? The time when MapleStory was challenging, every meso was valuable & every level was an accomplishment? MapleLegends will bring you back the original Old School Maplestory. With a personalised touch from all MapleStory regions (Global, SEA, Taiwan, China). MapleLegends is the most authentic and difficult Old School MapleStory around, like the old days! For over 2 years we are providing an Old School experience with a massive and friendly community and NO Pay2win!

Old School MapleStory V62 NoVote2Win NoPay2Win Friendly Community Mac Compatible Nostalgic Low Rate

MapleSaga - Old School 8x EXP MapleStory   [Mac Compatible] [HP Washing Optional]

Want to relive the old days, but don’t have time for a tiresome x2 or x3 EXP grind? TRY MapleSaga (8x EXP), the old school private server with a UNIQUE twist! YOU’LL LOVE our rebalanced skills, Monster Carnival PQ, Pink Bean boss and more. Get FREE access to thousands of haircuts and NX items as soon as you join and try one of our daily events. Taiwan and Latino players welcome! Job OPPORTUNITIES available. HP washing optional. DON’T miss out!

V62 HP Washing Optional Casual Mac Compatible

Follow - MAPLESTORY PRIVATE SERVER [Mac Compatible] 40x event exp

Do you miss the old MapleStory ?! We certainly sure you do ! , MapleFollow offers you a nostalgic, challenging experience and brings you back to the old times ! Whether its fun, bosses, shops, unique, missions, action, Party Quests We have Rebirth System! Server has been running since 12.22.16! So what are you waiting for ?! REGISTER now and join our tremendous server ! [GMS 0.62] 20x/6x/4x

V62 V62 DojoPQ Nostalgic V62 MonsterCarnivalPQ MSI proitem Rebirths PvP Hard maplestory

JoblessMS, The Nostalgic v62 Server Only For Odd Jobbers~

JoblessMS, is a nostalgic server for only beginners and oddjobbers. Live out your old school oddjob fantasies as a camper, islander, beginner, str mage, str archer, hp warrior, str/etc. rogue and any sub category of those. Working individual rankings with obscure oddjob subrankings. Experience events as they were in GMS, get geared up at the Lith Harbor gachapon with balanced rewards. [1x/1x/1x] [2x Quest Exp] [No Cash-Shop Aesthetic]

V62 Hardcore Mode Ironman Mode Soon Mac Compatible Low Rate No Leeching No HP Washing No Maroon Mop Free Cosmetics No Gender Limits NoPay2Win Nostalgic

Tokyo's Farm - Relive past memories from SydneyMS [Version v62]

Are you tired of all these boring servers with the same features? Well, then join us as we create a challenging yet fun server from scratch, built upon stability and innovation from our predecessors: SydneyMS and FarmerStory. While everyone is busy fitting in with the GMS-Like banwagon, let\'s stand out. Let\'s make a community right from the start and grow within. We don\'t expect to bloom in one night, but overtime with patience and your help! We\'re also looking for staff to help make this possible and positions are open!

V62 Low Rate Nostalgic V62 Fun Nostalgic

Helios -- Closed Alpha Phase

A v62 based server made by members of the community who wanted a breath of fresh air. Join us now to monitor for updates as our team works to present balanced content that aims to be where the casual fun from your childhood meets competitive balance for a truly fulfilling game. Our friendly and helpful staff aim to make the game about you and your choices - write your own story today.


PurpleMS v62 [-Beta-]

PurpleMS v62 [-Beta Phase-] [v62] [20x/4x/4x beta rates] [4x/3x/2x official rates] [Beta Rewards at Level 50] [Brand New Server] [Rebalanced Skills] [250 Level Cap] [Working Boss Expeditions] [KPQ, CarnivalPQ LPQ, LMPQ, PPQ] [Ulu City/Lion Kings Castle] [Auto JQ] [Revamped HP washing] Join our discord now! [-Hiring Developers-]


OssyriaMS - Gate To Ossyria - Blast to the Past

Revive those old nostalgic days with all functioning party quests, remembering the good old days of GMS! V167 items + hairs, custom items/chairs, competitive rates, working marriages, and MORE! Seeking WZ Editors and Java Programmers. Check the site!


LegoMS v62 Exp 11x Mesos 3x Drop 3x I MAC AND WINDOWS COMPATIBLE

Do you miss the old times maple with bunch of group of mates battling against boss? You can find them here in LegoMS with our friendly community! Everything is based on v62! [EVENT TROPHY TILL 22 JANUARY 2017] Friendly Community l Regular GM Events l Randomizer Equip Stats NPC l NX Cards from Mobs l Boss Party Quests l Working Hired Merchant I JQPoints JQRewards MAC AND WINDOWS COMPATIBLE Let us know what is lack of and we will implement it if it\'s necessary! Your suggestion is important to LegoMS!


NostalgicMS [currently offline]

The website is currently offline, but please feel free to visit the link (to my Maple blog).


VintageStory 8x5x2x MapleVintage

MapleVintage the re-up - Upcoming v62 entering Open Beta soon - HPQ - KPQ - LPQ - LMPQ - PPQ - Working Power/Armor/Magic crash - Bugs eliminated quickly - Strive for the best - Responsive staff - Open notes/logs



[v62] - [10x/2x/1x/2x] - [Fully Customized] - [No Damage Cap] - [Mini Games] - [Sexy Item Seller] - [Advanced Pokeball System] - [Jump Quest System] - [SPECIAL Gachapons] - [Friendly Community] -[Constantly Will Be Updated] - [Work in CURRENT progress]


[WIP] OxyMS v62 l 500x EXP 250x MESO 2x DROP l Rebirth Server

[All GMS features working] [NX(Chairs/Hair/Eyes) from newer versions!] [Free GM Hat when you start!] [Full working PQs] [FM Mobs] [Rebirths] [All in One NPCS] [Free NX] [Friendly GMs] [Help form a small and fun community]



Beta test will change it.


MapleNova v62 - Reopenning as a new server

Join our discord for new server hype!


MapleMushroom v62

The nostalgic days, found here in MapleMushroom! // v62|6x/4x/2x|Beta|GMS-like|Working Quests|Working PQs|Constant Updates|Active Staff|Discord Chat|Play2Win|Hiring Staff (Forum Moderators, Graphic Artists, Video Editor)|Friendly Environment|Frequent Events|Many more! // Join us today!


WinterStory [Coming SOON] - V62 [3X EXP 2X MESO 1X DROP] - Nostalgic MapleStory Server

WinterStory - V62 - Nostalgia is in the air, 3x EXP, 2x Meso, 1x Drop [Map, Hair, Chairs, Scrolls. NX Items and more Equips from V170+] [Monster Carnival] [Custom Party Quests] [Fishing System] [Bonus Exp Party] [Daily Events] [Custom Gachapon] [Auto Events] [Working Marriages] [Skill Rebalance] [•] Enjoy Our Discord Channel: [•]


VeteranMS v62

[VeteranMS v.62] [EXP: x15 Mesos: x12 Drop: x3] [AutoRegister] [Custom Commands - @go @mapowner etc] [Universal Shop] [Custom Systems - Fishing , NX Systems, Auto Events, VIP System etc] [Very Strong Autoban.] [Online & Hosted 24/7] [All PQs & Quests Working] [All Bosses Working] [GMs-Like Job Advance] [Maple Items Drops] [Custom Gachapon] [Ranking System] [Guilds & Alliances Fully Working] [and much more! / join VeteranMS Today!]


ElegantMS v62 12x6x2x

[GMS-like v62] [Bonus EXP areas] [Boss rewards] [Constant development] [Custom content] [Custom quest line] [Zak/HT/Pap/Pianus] [99% working skills] [Unique changes] [KPQ/LPQ/LMPQ/PPQ/ZPQ and more] [Take a break here] [WZ edits soon] [Early summer release] [Join the discord for updates]


perz secret pub

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ShizenStory V62 Nostalgic Server

Hello and welcome to ShizenStory. The server is currently in beta but hopefully that\'s where a community will begin to form. The registration is through auto registration so there is no need to sign up on any website. The rates are 50x/25x/10x. Feel free to give suggestions or give any constructive criticism =).


VizauMS [V62] - Low Rates - GMS-Like - Custom Items - Nostalgia

VizauMS is an incredibly stable server that sets the standard for real development. Our highly-optimized source will remain online for weeks at a time without a sign of lag! VizauMS has every feature flawlessly working!



5x Exp/2X Drop/2x Mesos. Custom HP Quests, Skill Reworks, Crafting System, BossPQ, and much more. If you are looking for a low-rate server with new interesting changes then stay tuned for MapleAery\'s release.